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Halloween office look

30 Oct

Halloween office look

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Classy halloween for the office.

Jacket – Thrifted (SIX BUCKS!)
Ears – disney store (they’re glittery & were on sale for 3 bucks!)
Blazer – Walmart (told you I could wear it over EVERYTHING)
Shirt – Wet Seal
Jeans – thrifted
Shoes – Target


I’m still wearing cute outfits!

29 Oct


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I just suck at posting.


Blazer – Walmart (I could wear this thing over EVERYTHING!)

Dress – Thrifted (may have thrown a tiny fit when I was being rung up & found out it was $12 bucks! Priciest clothing I’ve purchased at a thrift store. lol. It’s worth it though. Fits like a dream & has original tages that say $75!!)

Belt – Thrifted

Shoes – Rack Room

(please don’t pay attention to my crazy face)


26 Oct

wow I’m actually slacking on my slacker activity. FOR SHAME JAZMYN!

I went away for a weekend to see my love, & left my camera cord somewhere in the great state of Texas.

Maybe I’ll get back into the swing soon

Until then….. say hello to my recently carved pumpkin!


I’m pretty proud of myself but she’s even cuter lit up at night!

The seeds were yummy too! I’m still munching on them 🙂


Addiction therapy

14 Oct

I’m not feeling exceptionally cute today. Rather plain & uninspired. Sadly, I believe the weather is affecting me. Gloom & Doom all around 😦

Despite the grey matter that is Chattanooga, I thought I would play around with the blog favorite: Polyvore. Wow guys, I see how it’s pretty addictive! Now I get to play dress up at work! This is a beautiful thing!

Of course, & I’m sorry if you’re sick of it, but this all started with THE coat. Yeah. I know. Groan. I promise that some day soon I will get it in my posession & my blogs will be diverse & much more fantastic &(not to mention should have a much more subtle tone & not so much a creepy clothing stalker vibe.)

The grey & black may be a result of the weather, but I happened upon those amazing boots that I recently obsessed over in purple…. ahhh lovely


Look what I found!

13 Oct

pink hat

This Banana Republic BEAUTYYYYY was found for $24.99 at the Banana Republic outlet store in Nashville. I ran right for it. Is it not the long lost hat twin of my Old Navy coat? I think the sister companies are sharing fabric! Sketchy sketchy.

I do have a counter to my Flat Tire Fund post…. a story of sheer will, love, inner strength, and the demon I fight everyday. Ok ok, I’m always one for dramatics. Long story short; The HUMONGOUS  Old Navy in the Opry Mills mall was giving out noise makers & peel off coupons for the OldNavy 15th Birthday celebration. Welllll I got a 15% off one item coupon. My $89 jacket was on sale for $80 making my heavenly coat, $68 with the coupon.

But did I give in? No. (&honestly I couldn’t – as it is I’m trying to decide whether I like my cell phone – pretty much my sole connection to the outside world – or electricity more. I’ll keep you up to date on that one)

Anywho, I had to share this lovely find.

Next shopping payday, the jacket is the first purchase then I’m googling the hat for a deal!

The Flat Tire Fund

12 Oct

So I mentioned the flat tire fund that my lover, a major Dave Ramsey groupie, recently instructed me to create. After months & months of annoying time spent trying to explain to him why spending money on cute, pretty things makes me so happy. & even more annoying time spent by him trying to understand, I finally gave him an analogy that seeped into his hard old head….

If I want something I go and get it. I don’t think about “what ifs” or the potential hiccups of life. As I said to him “until I GET a flat tire, I’m not gonna worry about a flat tire.” Well dundundun that was all it took! My baby saves expecting a flat tire. & now I’m to do the same.

That was my major goal for this payday. I gave myself a shopping allowance & then I was to put back 150 for a “flat tire.”

Well…. you see….. I… uh… well I went to the mall

BUT! Never fear, I have a NEW PLAN!

I’m going to wear all my new clothes to help get a sweet stranger to change my tire! AND THEN I’m going to work my new cute clothes at walmart to get a KILLER deal on a new tire? yes? good plan? I say so.

Haven’t gotten the chance to tell boyfriend yet though…….

a little bit poorer because…

10 Oct

I bought this hair stuff tonight…. It says its made with "diamond dust & champagne."

Essentially the same genetic makeup of my blood.

Watch me sparkle baby! Woohooo!