Covet: four-eyes

6 Oct

Since the age of 9 or so I have dreamed over getting my hands on big, hunky, strong, black, Taye Diggs EYEGLASSES! Vintage of course. A la Buddy Holly. Could I sing you a Buddy Holly tune? Negative. Why did I never treat myself to darlings of such a kind? All those stupid poseur kids who have been rocking them out for a year or two. Seriously when did glass-LESS GLASSES come into trend? Someone? Jesus? Mary? Rachel Zoe? Please enlighten me, I beg you!

Despite that obvious rant of annoyance for such a classless crowd of glass-less plastic frames, I find myself these days with puny clear frames. Puny in price they were not – I assure you! & they have a remarkable talent of working with everything. Well being clear & all I suppose that’s just how it goes – a talent; it is not exactly. I digress. With my rainbow goth wardrobe, black being the accent that has become for me a daily occurrence, I find myself debating between groceries for the next two weeks or these BEA-UTIES!

In the words of my forever-ever idol; Rachel Zoe: I DIE! Do you die? DIE.


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