& let the narcissism begin….

6 Oct

I spend roughly 35 hours a week stalking fashion blogs. I say 35 hours as a guesstimate but I can’t imagine it being too far off base. See I work a job Monday – Friday, 8 – 5. With an hour lunch break to watch Days of Our Lives at my friends nearby apartment, that leaves me with 40 hours of “worktime” a week. But after making coffee every morning & my mini discussions with my favorite co worker. & maybe an hour of work… well that leaves 35 hours a week to troll. Sad right? It was until I decided to join the crowd. Or is that when I decided I needed validation & some e-ttention? damn. Whatev. I’m here. I’m obsessed with clothes. & I need you to love me.

No I don’t. But I love you anyway.

Now I bring you a week or so of outfits that account for the time I’ve been pondering this great adventure.

I do apologize for the consistent & irritatingly boring background. At least I’m getting paid for this right?!

oh shit. I’m not sure how this picture deal works. SOMEONE SCHOOL ME!




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