Covet: but only until tomorrow

8 Oct

Do you gorgeous human beings know what tomorrow is? Well let me fill you in… TOMORROW IS PAYDAY! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord of Money! AMEN!

Possibly my favorite holiday. Luckily it’s a frequent one (but not at all frequent enough!) coming to me every 2 weeks. Even more luckily, this payday is my SHOPPING PAYDAY. See there’s a rent payday, a day of which I am cruelly teased with a big check that I am forced to essentially cross my name out & write “RIDGEMONT APTS”. Tragic, I know.

One minor speed bump is an agreement I made with the love of my life to begin a “Flat Tire Fund.” You see, I’m dating a 25 going on 55 yr old boy – man – manchild? – boyman? He’s uber responsible & rational & everything of the like that I am not. To prove my worthiness & maintain my position as BEST EVER GIRLFRIEND EVER I am more or less guilted… suckered… (there’s a word I’m looking for that means forced in a more voluntary due to love way) into saving money. Blahblahblah, I know. But it’s one of those times where I have to… whats that word… I just learned it… uh uh… oh right! COMPROMISE. yeah. The things you do for Love right?! It’s fascinating.

Anywho back to the fun part; What I’m gonna spend all the other money on after I put aside a tire equivalent amount of cash!!!

1) thanks to B&N I am going to get schooled in making this blog super duper wonderful with the help of this book….

& if you are a B&N member, here’s a coupon. Who loves you baby?!

2) This Monday is the season finale of The Rachel Zoe Project. I am truly heartbroken. But in tribute I’m planing to dress up in full Rachel gear. Including a gorge fur vest I lusted after a few weeks ago at New York & Company.

I’d love to get Rachel’s vest for QVC but faux fur is tricky if you can’t touch it before buying. In my own personal opinion.

3) ohhhh snap. I’ve lost my train of thought & now I’m lusting over online shops. I fear this will happen often with you my dear blog.

Do please have patience with me.



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