Look what I found!

13 Oct

pink hat

This Banana Republic BEAUTYYYYY was found for $24.99 at the Banana Republic outlet store in Nashville. I ran right for it. Is it not the long lost hat twin of my Old Navy coat? I think the sister companies are sharing fabric! Sketchy sketchy.

I do have a counter to my Flat Tire Fund post…. a story of sheer will, love, inner strength, and the demon I fight everyday. Ok ok, I’m always one for dramatics. Long story short; The HUMONGOUS  Old Navy in the Opry Mills mall was giving out noise makers & peel off coupons for the OldNavy 15th Birthday celebration. Welllll I got a 15% off one item coupon. My $89 jacket was on sale for $80 making my heavenly coat, $68 with the coupon.

But did I give in? No. (&honestly I couldn’t – as it is I’m trying to decide whether I like my cell phone – pretty much my sole connection to the outside world – or electricity more. I’ll keep you up to date on that one)

Anywho, I had to share this lovely find.

Next shopping payday, the jacket is the first purchase then I’m googling the hat for a deal!


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