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Recovery clothes

18 Nov

Exciting news in the Jaziverse… I’m training with the Chattanooga Roller Girls! Yup. Super crazy, but not at all surprising if you know me. Tryouts are in January & I’m busting my butt until then.

I did a freshmeat practice last night & I gotta tell you, I am sore sore sore. Not to mention my entire right foot feels blistered. Ugh.

Waking up was hard to do this morning & I found myself turning to my favorite standbys…. my pink dress & my crappy black flats.

I feel too short to be at work!




I’m bringin’ the 90’s back baby!

16 Nov

My mom & I took an adventure to Rock City; we’re finally knocking out the touristy things in our hometown of nearly 4 years (thanks to some free tickets she scored. Go Mom!)

It seems she thought the day served perfectly for a photoshoot. How lucky for me!

I was born in 90 (I am so envious of you 80’s babies. & please no remarks about my age.) so what I get from the early years of the decade is revived here with a flowered dress & combat boots (&you should know they’re AUTHENTIC from a lovely soldier : ) …

Rock City 169

Rock City 220Rock City 211 (1)Rock City 212Rock City 189Rock City 190Rock City 168

In other news…

I’ve decided that this blog needs to change. I clearly lost momentum… or excitement… (those two work together, I’m sure.)

Somewhere between my fear of putting my scandalous ways out into cyberland (rendezvousingĀ at & away from work : ) along with the kidnapping of my camera cord, & the intense pressure to have a GREAT outfit to post each time I stalled.

(I know I do this to myself, I’m crazy, I can’t help it!)

This blog is now, as it always should have been, All That Jaz. All about me indeed. Not just what I wear to work.

It’s about to get personal ladies & gentlemen! Hold on tight!



apparently during my little sebatical, I completely forgot how to insert pictures… help, PLEASE! They’re so tiny. šŸ˜¦

check them out here:

Still finding glitter all over my apt

2 Nov

Guess what I was for Halloween….!?!?!


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