I’m bringin’ the 90’s back baby!

16 Nov

My mom & I took an adventure to Rock City; we’re finally knocking out the touristy things in our hometown of nearly 4 years (thanks to some free tickets she scored. Go Mom!)

It seems she thought the day served perfectly for a photoshoot. How lucky for me!

I was born in 90 (I am so envious of you 80’s babies. & please no remarks about my age.) so what I get from the early years of the decade is revived here with a flowered dress & combat boots (&you should know they’re AUTHENTIC from a lovely soldier : ) …

Rock City 169

Rock City 220Rock City 211 (1)Rock City 212Rock City 189Rock City 190Rock City 168

In other news…

I’ve decided that this blog needs to change. I clearly lost momentum… or excitement… (those two work together, I’m sure.)

Somewhere between my fear of putting my scandalous ways out into cyberland (rendezvousing at & away from work : ) along with the kidnapping of my camera cord, & the intense pressure to have a GREAT outfit to post each time I stalled.

(I know I do this to myself, I’m crazy, I can’t help it!)

This blog is now, as it always should have been, All That Jaz. All about me indeed. Not just what I wear to work.

It’s about to get personal ladies & gentlemen! Hold on tight!



apparently during my little sebatical, I completely forgot how to insert pictures… help, PLEASE! They’re so tiny. 😦

check them out here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jazmyncherie/sets/72157622570414739/


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