I’ve been all over the map today

24 Jan

Things have been up down & all around today.

Spent the weekend with the loveliest boy in the world. As I do all my weekends. Sadly I had to cut this weekend short, as my grandma had so graciously offered to wax my kitchen cupboards this weekend (I would never think to do such a thing). See the thing is, I drive my grandma’s car (it’s a sweet ride actually, 2003 BRIGHTassyellow chevy cavalier appropriately named “Ducky”). My car Marco had a quick and terribly unfortunate death around this time last year & my grandma came to my heroic rescue. Sort of. IT’s a long weird family story, but basically This car is my ball & chain, & I’m SUPPOSED to drive TO and FROM work ONLY. Well…. I’m sorry, the love of my life lives 2 hours away, & 5 days is my max on separation. I couldn’t bear to sit around Chattanooga doing nothing when I could be snuggled up in my happy place (& ohhhh man is it warm there)

ANYWAY! I’m getting sidetracked. Generally I stay with loverboy until Monday a.m. Like 5a.m. it’s rough. but totally worth the extra night of death grip sleeping. Bonus: I am wide awake for work.

This weekend I had to cut it short (Sunday a.m. short D:) to meet my grandma. Well about an hour into my drive, I find out she’s not coming. WTF?! grrr. Well Josh had to work anyway, & I haven’t spent a full day in my new apartment yet (even though I’ve lived here for THREEE weeks. yikes) Well then I get home to find out I left my glasses in ATL. EEEK! Four eyes are better eyes! I’m dreading the week long headache (that I’m starting off smoothly with this here blog post. way to go me)

I try to unpack my apt boxes a little. Decide I need some SATC playing to get me through. One hour of my life gone to my DVD player. Or should I say radio? Because all it does it play the radio out of 2/5 of it’s speakers. Yeah, that was a blast.

Then my computer loses internet. FOR THE WHOLE DAY! It wouldnt recognize ANY wireless networks. “WTF?!!?” you’re saying? Yeah, me too. Loudly. Well after hours & hours & pleas put out to the universe, it turned out to be a button. Yes. A fucking button. Who woulda thunk it eh?!

Well then I settle down ready to hit my google reader when SHOCK! I do not have sound! Well see, my computer is slower than a school zone when you’re late for work, & I thought it brilliant to uninstall some unnecessary programs. Turns out, (yes you’ve already guessed it!) I removed my sound driver. WAY TO GO JAZ!

Now, I am on 79% complete of some sketch download that may or hopefully MAY work. Fingers crossed!

Having the day in my natural habitat, I was able to go ahead & pick out my outfit for tomorrow. This is a rare luxury. Normally I am too tired or too distracted by my new webcam to function with any other chore. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s good motivation to make it part of my routine. Force in the extra time with my evening tea or something. Fingers crossed on that one too.

Whew. There’s a welcome back to my rambling!

Good night lovely faces!


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