Not so manic Monday

25 Jan

Well it’s a Monday. Nothing too special today. I think my body was going through withdrawals last night; sleep was not coming easy without my dear boy to snuggle up to. My body is officially used to my weekend routine & apparently it isn’t open to change. Anyway I ended up putting rollers into my hair during my non sleepy boredom. Luckily the bouncy curls made me happy throughout the day so it worked out.

Definitely channeled Carrie Bradshaw with my giant flower & curls (hey season 4!)

The full outfit shots were taken at my bff’s apt. I went to drop off Christmas presents (ok so I’m not the most timely person! blah) & it turned out I didn’t have her key on me (boooo!) but I turned the mishap around & got productive (I guess… 🙂

(I love to take pictures to show off my tattoo 🙂

Vest – forever ago… Goody’s?
shirt – Hanes 🙂
skirt – NY&Co.
Shoes – Goody’s
Purse – Kohl’s


One Response to “Not so manic Monday”

  1. Jessica Eubanks January 26, 2010 at 12:50 am #

    your shoes!! you are FABULOUS my love 🙂

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