Loves & Loathes… Pesky vs….

29 Jan

Oh shoot. What did Jennifur Brandt (of the Pesky Meddling Girls) name her list? It was good & bad things… pesky… & SOMETHING! Jessica help me out!

Anywho I feel the need, as I often do to make a list. Oh how they do help me!

Most all of my favorite blogs make a regular of this type of thing & I really dig the idea. I feel the need today, but I think in the future it will find it’s home on another day..

nevertheless; my kisses & kiss offs list (title is under construction)


to boyfriend for coming into town for a surprise slumber party to knock me out of my girly funk. We both agreed; best. sleep. ever. Puzzleriffic to the max.

to my outfit today. pics to come later, but I feel majorly cute.

to the fact that it’s Friday. I have a babysitting gig which should allow me to get a lot of the scarf I’m knitting for boyfriend done, gives me extra cash, & then I get to go see my lover for more puzzleriffic times. wohooo!

to my twinsie! & to her Dad for buying a yummmyyy dinner last night. Also double kiss to twinsie because it sounds from twitter that she had a rough night. (kiss off to the cause of course! : )

Kiss offs:

to people who try to make me jealous by lying & exaggerating. #1: I am not impressed anyway. #2: you look desperate, as usual. #3: you simply annoy me. #4: I KNOW YOU’RE EXAGGERATING. Just STOP. I wish I could elaborate on this but I’m trying to calm down. YOU’RE ANNOUING & I OFTEN WANT TO SLAP YOU. ok. whew.

to people who state the obvious to me or tell me how to do something I do EVERYDAY. Back off. When did I become an idiot?

to the potential snow we’re about to have. I do NOT want to be slip sliding around or get stuck away from my baby. (I also want the kids to play outside tonight so I have less of a headache)


4 Responses to “Loves & Loathes… Pesky vs….”

  1. Jessica Eubanks January 29, 2010 at 11:28 pm #

    haha i love you!! it’s pesky vs. poopy! (and i had to google the book and download a pdf of the list page to remember that, because it was driving me crazy lol)
    i am totally going to copy you and make one of these too! and link to your blog 🙂 love times 4937854! xoxo

  2. J.B. Taylor May 14, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    Just googled Pesky Meddling Girls for fun, and your blog appeared! I’m going to start doing a new version of “Pesky Vs. Poopy” lists on my blog, so stay tuned. Love & Leopard (4-ever),

    ~ Jennifer (formerly JenniFUR)

    • Jazmyn Cherie May 21, 2010 at 2:31 pm #

      I cannot tell you how happy this comment made me!! I’m not sure if you’ll see this reply but I’m about to write a blog in honor. haha. Thanks for taking the time to comment! ❤


  1. Peskiness abounding « All That Jaz - May 21, 2010

    […] past & present) commented on my blog after googling the pesky meddling girls. When I began my “kisses vs kiss offs” list I did it in honor of Jennifur (the ORIGINAL & her famous “Pesky vs. Poopy” […]

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