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Channeling Coco

24 Feb

We have a great discounted movie theater in town. On Wednesday it’s only $1! So Imagine my excitement when I discovered they were playing Coco Avant Chanel (the one Karl Lagerfeld was creative director on!) The movie didn’t come to any of the regular theaters in town, even the one that usually gets the oddballs. Oh the surprise was so sweet.

I immediately instructed my mother to dress in black & white & accompany me to this fashionably educational movie. I definitely should have gotten a picture of her. She went the rock & roll route & looked super hot. I wanted to meet up with my twinsie & her mom but they went out to dinner. That left my mom & I with extra time before the movie. I of course decided we needed to go shopping & oh gee whiz you know the areas BIGGEST & bestest thrift store just HAPPENS to be on the way 🙂 There I actually found my Valentines day dress (which I never got a real picture of) It was a SIZE 2!!! & It was from The Limited for only $3!!!! oh shit, I know. Amazing.

The funny thing though, was that of course my mom & I were beyond dressed up for this thrift store & we were expecting some funny looks but we actually had a guy that followed us around the store smiling & winking! wtf?! haha. We felt like movie stars. It was great.

Dress – Target (it’s see thru & I couldn’t find the underdress I cut out of it so…)


Slip – Vintage (gorgeous & it peaks out about 6 inches but looks perfect together)

Pearls – vintage (Cameo Pin – Vintage & attached to pearls)

Jacket – TJ Maxx

Purse – Vintage

oh & the movie was AMAZING!!!! truly. Beats any other Chanel biopic I’ve seen. I just with they would show more of her life AFTER she created her business. I know everything about how she got there, but not after she was REALLY “Coco” the woman who changed everything in fashion.

Also the subtitles tickled me.


I’m sorry but…

22 Feb

The one trend I just CANNOT get into….

No. Just No. I don’t get it. I don’t get it at all.

&I don’t care that these are majorly endorsed by Chanel.

I have a deep DEEEEEEP love for all things meant to cover my feet (& not just because I have an intense foot phobia) but

I refuse to get behind clogs.

Ugh. Shudder.

Moving on now…

22 Feb

Valentine’s Day feels like forever ago now. Guess I have to hurry up & finish my gushing. Long story short: love, sex, & magic.

oh & lots of pasta & wine too.

Joshy gave me BEAUTIFUL daisies (my favorite) when I got there Friday evening. They’re really HUGE (you can’t really tell in this picture)  & I love them so much. The fragrance is insane & is making work so much more liveable.

(seen here on my desk at work : )

I wore this super awesome home made headband & ring set. By yours truly! 🙂

Conversation Hearts HAPPEN to be my favorite candy. Obviously that’s another big part of why I love this holiday..

We spent the day lazing in bed & then at the movies to see Valentines Day (Lalalalooooved it!!!)

After that we went to OUR restaurant. Sweet boy made these reservations back in DECEMBER! So we struggled for a long time not to go there before hand so we could make Vday extra special.

I have a thing for guys in Pink & boyfriend oh so sweetly obliged me.

(It only took nearly a year! hehe)


Now Valentines Day is over – back to your regularly scheduled programming.

& Finally… V-day Office style

19 Feb

I made it! Successful blogger right here! what what!?!? This is my Valentine’s Day outfit for work that Friday. The guys were over loaded with the V-dayness of this one. My boss said that morning when I walked in “Wow you made it!” I thought he meant that I finally made it to my holiday as I had gabbed about it all week. No, he meant I had made it wearing pink all week! haha. Sweet.

(dress – target, belt – body shop?, jeans – TJ Maxx, ❤ hair clip – hot topic, heels – not sure.. I bought them for graduation)

Of course I was planning to head to Atlanta to see my man right after work as per usual Friday. However, I was quickly sent into a fright when one of the guys told me the morning reminded him of the morning in 1993 when Chattanooga got it’s infamous blizzard. “Sayyyy whaaaa? Why does TODAY remind you of that” Well… the weather forecast reminded him of that. After I was given an impromptu weather man forecast by him at his desk with the radar displayed on his computer I was FREAKING OUT!

I’m not a fan of the snow anymore. It’s pretty to look at. Fun to play in. But driving? The thing I already HATE doing… well it’s a nightmare in the snow. Last time it snowed is when I had my emotional breakdown & boyfriend had to come rescue me. That COULD NOT happen for Valentines Day weekend. Are you kidding me?

Long story short, I bailed on work around 1:30. GLAD I DID! It took me 3 hours & 45 minutes to make my TWO hour drive to ATL. I was gonna try to surprise the boy by getting there early & not telling him I left work, but then I sensed he was planning the same thing. & he was. That sweet thang. He thought I was going to need rescuing. Awww. I sent him back home & then sat in 10mph traffic calling him every 10 minutes to bitch.

After I arrived I took off my jeans & rocked out the too short dress to a super expensive (yay gift cards!) dinner at Magianno’s. Oh man oh man. I stuffed myself & washed it down with glorious deliciously$$ wine. Hot damn! We got home & made this guy

We are so good. This is only my second snow man ever & we really graduated on our skill level. We had TWO neighbors come out to compliment us & spied another TWO peaking from their windows.

It was a lovely day! The weekend was even better… stay tuned!


Written better than I could ever do…

18 Feb

“I’m also horrified by how everyone consistently assumes that fashion is antifeminist, that being interested in it at all, that having ANY sort of open interest in visual self-presentation and any sort of body modification is inherently shallow, inane, consumerist, that it’s for stupid girls, that girls with a nice degree like mine and girls with brains should be doing something WORTHWHILE.  (You know, beauty disqualifies brains, and vice versa. Of course!)  I so often hear “I don’t have any interest in fashion, the industry is so messed up and it’s so shallow and consumeristic. I don’t really care what I wear, I only shop at thrift stores.  I can’t stand fashionistas, I can’t stand girls who only ever talk about style.  I fucking hate fashion.”

But that is, clearly, an interest in fashion.  That is an incredibly intense personal statement about the ways in which your clothing choices relate to the complex web of economy and politics. That personal statement could be about reclaiming the deliberately oppressive fashion of earlier decades into a personal statement about your appearance and your money, or about rejecting one particular set of aesthetic/social norms. That is not proof of immunity to fashion and above all it is not, in any way shape or form, an acceptable excuse to dismiss fashion OR to condescend to those who express any interest in it.

Source: Good Morning Midnight

(Please read all of it)


18 Feb

Shirt – too old to remember

Belt – Rue 21

Skirt – Target

Heels – Kmart. years ago.

Headband – Target (dollar bin! woot!)

Finally incorporated a little red into the week. Not overbearing but I think it kind of said “Valentine”. Once I got to work I was really disappointed I didn’t wear black heels. The reds didn’t quite match & it bothered me all day (yes, I am very weird like that)

Day by Day

17 Feb

Wednesday of Pink/Red week. I favored the pink until Friday. I guess that explains why I got asked by 3 different people if pink was my favorite color.

For the record, it is not. My favorite color is black (& don’t give me any of that “noncolor” bullshit). Boyfriend has argued this point with me several times saying “But you have so much pink!” yes, well I do adore pink, but if I could non-goth all black everything, I’m pretty sure I would & never look back.

Sweater – Old Navy (Cashmereeeeee ohhhhh)

Skirt – NY&Co

Belt – TjMaxx

Shoes – Bebe

Watch – Walmart (my new favorite! only 8 bucks)