Still feels like Monday…

2 Feb

Well my Friday Pesky list kind of failed. With a big “whaaaaa whaaaa” sound. The snow definitely came in. The most I have ever seen! I hear it was 5 inches of fluff. What it was to me was about 5 inches of plan ruining slippery shit. Babysitting got canceled which was a +/- situation. Could have used the cash but will always vote against raising my blood pressure and homicidal urges. After that was canceled, it was all a matter of getting off work early to start heading to Atlanta. I had a few opportunities to leave early but didn’t take them. Dumb move Jaz (-hindsight speaking).

I nearly died 3 times on the way home from work. It took a solid hour to make my 20minute drive. By the time I got home, I was mid mental/emotional breakdown & called boyfriend crying. He so heroically came to my rescue. I made him thank you cheesecake lemon bars. We drank beer, watched Almost Famous & crafted a dashing young snowman in the rain. He also hooked up my DVD player ANDDD my record player. ohhhh heaven! I guess there are things I need a man for. Damnit.

We left together for ATL the next morning after he first took me on a pre-drive to see where the roads were & tell me how to drive where. Sweet right? Love that guy. He takes such good care of me.

The drive was easy. & luckily the weather was pretty crappy there so he didn’t have to work! We just laid around all day. I watched TV & he did some lessons online for work. I was getting a bit of cabin fever, so we headed out to target to spend some moolah, & then DELICIOUS chinese food & ice cream. (I had this crazy cotton candy ice cream that had both chocolate in it & pop rocks… or possibly chocolate covered pop rocks we decided. YUMMMYYY)

After that we headed to Athens to hang out with boyfriend’s bff. I’ll leave the story pretty much to that. I ended up drinking WAYYYYYYY too much & getting a little a lot emotional. I’m a very messy drunk. I think I’m taking the next year off from beer & liquor. Boyfriend is gonna try to join me. I just don’t know how to stop once I start – so it’s better not to start at all right? right, that’s the plan Stan.

Sunday boyfriend pretty much had to work ALLLL day. & by all day I mean 2pm-9.30pm. BOOOOO!

I fought my loneliness by adventuring to the first thrift store I could find. I didn’t decide to take this adventure until about 4… so I had to scramble to find a store, look around said store & purchase before everything in the bible belt shut down. I wholeheartedly regret two pass ups. A black lacey body dress.. ahhhh… & an adorable little girls jacket. The place was more expensive than I am used to paying at a thrift store, but I really should have snagged those two things. I did however get an amazing black & white co. sweater, a lucky brand polka dot sweater, a denim dress, & something else that for the life of me, I cannot remember.

anyway, it was a good weekend until my drunkenness, & then until my pms set in. I hope he always maintains so much patience with me. He’s an angel.


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