ohh shucks

10 Feb

I’ve run out of pictures stored on my wordpress media library! Need to upload tonight!

Fashion goals for the week:

  • to make red and/or pink the predominate colors in my outfits
  • to not repeat shoes AT ALL (this may go for a month. I have a million pairs of shoes but am constantly rotating the same 10 :/)
  • do laundry!!

I am so hyped for Valentine’s Day! Oh it is so easily my favorite holiday. I don’t care what anyone says about it. I have always loved it (yes, even when I have been single!)

Love, red, pink, lace, candy, & flowers? What is there not to love?

Tonight my mommy is making me dinner (stuffed shells, holla!) & then we’re going to see Dear John. I’ve already purchased my box of tissues, so I think we’re set.

I say it’s time for Kisses & Kiss offs!!

Kiss offs to:

  • Judgey girls with holier than thou attitudes.
  • on that same note, the girls that then go on to copy one of the things they patronized you for. Smooth one chica!
  • The asshole who left a note on my car that read “DO YOU LIVE IN THIS FUCKING BUILDING?!?!” Yes, Mr. Asshole, I do. Back the fuck up & get some common decency.
  • my emotional meltdowns & all too prominent character flaws i.e. impatience, lack of will power, and over active tear ducts.
  • there only being 24 hours in a day & 7 days in a week… I NEED MORE TIME!!!!
  • The grumpy guy at work who hasn’t spoken to me in a week. wtf?
  • People who call me Jacklyn on the phone. Q: HOW THE FUCK DO I MISPRONOUNCE MY OWN NAME!?!?! A: I DON’T!!!! PAY ATTENTION! LISTENNNN!  (Jocelyn is a new one this week)

Kisses to:

  • boyfriend for taking Valentine’s day off to spend with me 🙂
  • My friend Whitney & her Hubby stopping at my house on their way to Washington.
  • My mom for our date tonight!
  • The sweet girl at Burger King today that said I was so pretty. She smiled the whole time & was so sweet! Why can’t more people just put in a little effort like that?
  • the local business owner that is always calling me at work trying to steal me away. Show me the money honey!

ok ok. Gotta get back to work. Outfits later! (I’m digging the one I’ve got on today!)



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