12 Feb

♥ I skimp when buying: Purses. I love the idea of a soft leather designer bag, but I can’t seem to skip on 20 really adorable bags for one.

♥ I splurge when buying: Jackets. But I don’t do it often. One or two a year.
♥ I always break this fashion rule: Wearing black & brown, wearing dresses in winter, red & pink when it’s not valentines day, white after labor day….
♥ I never break this fashion rule: Running shoes with anything but running attire, short cut offs with heels….
♥ Must have item for Spring 2010: Fairy-like tea party dresses for everyday!
♥ Favorite store: Thrift stores & Forever21.com (I have never ever found anything in the stores but I just about make a WEEKLY online purchase)
♥ Style icon: Iris Apfel, Olivia Palermo, Audrey Hepburn…
♥ Most cherished item: my “Jazmyn” necklace. The chain has been broken 3 times. I have a mental/emotional breakdown & the entire time it’s being repaired.
♥ Favorite item of clothing: my calvin klein skinny jeans.
♥ Favorite stylish movie: Breakfast at Tiffanys, SATC, Confessions of a Shopaholic & The Devil Wears Prada.
♥ Guilty pleasure: It’s not so much guilt as embarrassment… but I am totally obsessed with all trashy pseudo reality shows.. Real Housewives, 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, The Hills, The City…
♥ Describe your personal style: Old school with new twist, wannabe housewife & moonlit rockstar. I match like a Monet – doesn’t look good up close, but from afar it works beautifully.
♥ I feel best wearing: High heels, my calvins, and anything black
♥ Personal style quirk: I always have something on that no one would wear with the same outfit.
♥ Most overrated item: gloves – I’m more of a pocket girl! 🙂
♥ Most underrated item: slips! I’ve fallen completely in love with wearing vintage slips under shirts/skirts & dresses. Feels dreamy all day.
♥ Most stylish city: New York.
♥ Never caught wearing: a Tennessee Vols shirt. lol
♥ When I was in high school I wore: Crazy things that based on my age at the time (10-12) should have probably opened me up to a world of ridicule; rainboots & pajama pants. Specifically, little boys Elvis pajamas. Surprisingly, people loved me for it.
♥ Shine your own shoes? I guess I should.
♥ Favorite fashion magazine: that would be like picking a favorite child.
♥ Favorite other magazine: hmmm Martha Stewart Real Simple
♥ Skincare, perfume: Obsessed with my new MAC studio fix foundation, & always rocking Chanel No. 5
♥ I always dress my best for: Holidays! You get away with more!
stolen from More Magic Always 🙂

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