& Finally… V-day Office style

19 Feb

I made it! Successful blogger right here! what what!?!? This is my Valentine’s Day outfit for work that Friday. The guys were over loaded with the V-dayness of this one. My boss said that morning when I walked in “Wow you made it!” I thought he meant that I finally made it to my holiday as I had gabbed about it all week. No, he meant I had made it wearing pink all week! haha. Sweet.

(dress – target, belt – body shop?, jeans – TJ Maxx, ❤ hair clip – hot topic, heels – not sure.. I bought them for graduation)

Of course I was planning to head to Atlanta to see my man right after work as per usual Friday. However, I was quickly sent into a fright when one of the guys told me the morning reminded him of the morning in 1993 when Chattanooga got it’s infamous blizzard. “Sayyyy whaaaa? Why does TODAY remind you of that” Well… the weather forecast reminded him of that. After I was given an impromptu weather man forecast by him at his desk with the radar displayed on his computer I was FREAKING OUT!

I’m not a fan of the snow anymore. It’s pretty to look at. Fun to play in. But driving? The thing I already HATE doing… well it’s a nightmare in the snow. Last time it snowed is when I had my emotional breakdown & boyfriend had to come rescue me. That COULD NOT happen for Valentines Day weekend. Are you kidding me?

Long story short, I bailed on work around 1:30. GLAD I DID! It took me 3 hours & 45 minutes to make my TWO hour drive to ATL. I was gonna try to surprise the boy by getting there early & not telling him I left work, but then I sensed he was planning the same thing. & he was. That sweet thang. He thought I was going to need rescuing. Awww. I sent him back home & then sat in 10mph traffic calling him every 10 minutes to bitch.

After I arrived I took off my jeans & rocked out the too short dress to a super expensive (yay gift cards!) dinner at Magianno’s. Oh man oh man. I stuffed myself & washed it down with glorious deliciously$$ wine. Hot damn! We got home & made this guy

We are so good. This is only my second snow man ever & we really graduated on our skill level. We had TWO neighbors come out to compliment us & spied another TWO peaking from their windows.

It was a lovely day! The weekend was even better… stay tuned!



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