Moving on now…

22 Feb

Valentine’s Day feels like forever ago now. Guess I have to hurry up & finish my gushing. Long story short: love, sex, & magic.

oh & lots of pasta & wine too.

Joshy gave me BEAUTIFUL daisies (my favorite) when I got there Friday evening. They’re really HUGE (you can’t really tell in this picture)  & I love them so much. The fragrance is insane & is making work so much more liveable.

(seen here on my desk at work : )

I wore this super awesome home made headband & ring set. By yours truly! 🙂

Conversation Hearts HAPPEN to be my favorite candy. Obviously that’s another big part of why I love this holiday..

We spent the day lazing in bed & then at the movies to see Valentines Day (Lalalalooooved it!!!)

After that we went to OUR restaurant. Sweet boy made these reservations back in DECEMBER! So we struggled for a long time not to go there before hand so we could make Vday extra special.

I have a thing for guys in Pink & boyfriend oh so sweetly obliged me.

(It only took nearly a year! hehe)


Now Valentines Day is over – back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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