Channeling Coco

24 Feb

We have a great discounted movie theater in town. On Wednesday it’s only $1! So Imagine my excitement when I discovered they were playing Coco Avant Chanel (the one Karl Lagerfeld was creative director on!) The movie didn’t come to any of the regular theaters in town, even the one that usually gets the oddballs. Oh the surprise was so sweet.

I immediately instructed my mother to dress in black & white & accompany me to this fashionably educational movie. I definitely should have gotten a picture of her. She went the rock & roll route & looked super hot. I wanted to meet up with my twinsie & her mom but they went out to dinner. That left my mom & I with extra time before the movie. I of course decided we needed to go shopping & oh gee whiz you know the areas BIGGEST & bestest thrift store just HAPPENS to be on the way 🙂 There I actually found my Valentines day dress (which I never got a real picture of) It was a SIZE 2!!! & It was from The Limited for only $3!!!! oh shit, I know. Amazing.

The funny thing though, was that of course my mom & I were beyond dressed up for this thrift store & we were expecting some funny looks but we actually had a guy that followed us around the store smiling & winking! wtf?! haha. We felt like movie stars. It was great.

Dress – Target (it’s see thru & I couldn’t find the underdress I cut out of it so…)


Slip – Vintage (gorgeous & it peaks out about 6 inches but looks perfect together)

Pearls – vintage (Cameo Pin – Vintage & attached to pearls)

Jacket – TJ Maxx

Purse – Vintage

oh & the movie was AMAZING!!!! truly. Beats any other Chanel biopic I’ve seen. I just with they would show more of her life AFTER she created her business. I know everything about how she got there, but not after she was REALLY “Coco” the woman who changed everything in fashion.

Also the subtitles tickled me.


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