Hobo skirt

4 Mar

Oh man I wore this outfit a while ago. I so loved it! Something about it just made me feel so cute & put together. I’ve really finally been getting back to my kooky roots (at least when I have enough time & cognitive ability to select clothing in the morning!)

Shirt – Old Navy

Jacket – TJ Maxx

Skirt – had it for YEARS, don’t remember

Heels – Target ($5.98!!!)

I was wearing a really cute gold chain with a big wooden heart pendant. Unfortunately it kept slipping into my jacket & annoying me endlessly. About midday I had the epiphany to tie it within my skirts belt that I was wearing outside of my jacket (that being a mid morning alteration!). Loved the look after that. & felt totally content. If only my hair would have cooperated :/


One Response to “Hobo skirt”

  1. Christen March 5, 2010 at 8:05 am #

    I absolutely love this look. The way you wore the skirt’s belt over the jacket just ties the whole thing together. Fabulous!

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