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30 Apr

I just need to tell you that I went to target today. I took 9 things to the dressing room. All mediums, my normal size.


I had to take them ALLLLLLL back for SMALLS!!!!!!!

it’s a good day to be me.

That’s all.



30 Apr

Back to my mac photobooth whoring!

currently I am being paid 12bucks an hour to laze in my boyfriends king sized, feathered, cushy wushy ridiculous bed. Oh glorious vacation days! I took today off so I could come see him be a rockstar last night for his first gig in a long time. Oh my gosh I smiled the whole time. He’s so happy when he plays! & not to be biased but they were definitely the best out of all 4 bands.

He’s working right now. I’m about to be domestic & grocery shop. Along with stopping by a few big lots to find this throw blanket my mom is harassing me about šŸ˜›

I’ve been wearing this jean jacket WAY TOO often. Guess thats my spring uniform. Dress & jean jacket.

Of course as usual my pics will be out of date order. Last nights outfit was a huge success. Got SO many random compliments on the dress I wore. But here’s today. Bright & happy. I brought orange wedge sandals to wear but the dress feels to short to have anymore height to my legs. I like my twice worn EXTREMELY dirty white flats. grrrr.

(ohhh gallery you say?! Ā neat! lets try!)

Jean jacket – Charlotte Russe; Dress – Forever 21; Shoes – Walmart

Where are my font options?

27 Apr

My narcissism is starting to really shine! When I feel cute I guess I just ham it up. But it makes my day soooooooo much better so I’m not making any apologies!

I really liked my tank peaking out a bit at the bottom but it was all kinds of fuss for the entire day! Can’t stand the primping every time I have to go to the damn printer.

this shirt was only 3 bucks! & You’re not going to believe from where…. The Body Shop! I shit you not. I love their cheap & gaudy earrings, but this pattern caught my attention because I knew I had the perfect purple shoes at home to accent it šŸ™‚

normally I like to take foot shots that show my tattoo but I accidentally deleted that one. This is a cool view of my anniversary gift piece that I turned into an anklet. The initials “JRC” are my boyfriends. He has “JCB” of course.

Tank – Walmart; Top – The Body Shop (gasp one more time); Shoes – Ashley Judd @ Goody’s; Skirt – NY&Co.

Now I would like to note that I don’t wear the skirt THIS often. I can’t possibly! Ugh. Must hide skirt when I get home.

I promise I have been taking outside pictures! I love them so much more! Just have to get my narcissism a point or two higher & this blog will be less jankity (curious; is there proper spelling for Jankity?)

also, a post on real things coming soonly.

Peppy Prep

23 Apr

TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God I am so happy that it’s Friday. Back to ATL! Didn’t go last weekend & now my withdrawals are dangerously needy. Gotta cuddle up into my happy place STAT!

Wore this outfit sometime last week. Hard to tell in pictures but the blazer has a cute pink accent in the plaid so I liked my favorite tee & wedges with it to bring it out. Never fails, when I wear a belt to work, at some point during the day I will alter it’s placement. Whether wearing it higher, lower, over my jacket, under my jacket, etc. This day I just couldn’t get happy! The last 2 pictures shows it over my shirt rather than on my skirt. I switched it back & forth all day. Never bored I guess!

Blazer – Old Navy Kids; Shirt – victoria’s secret; Skirt – NY&Co (I wear this too often on here!); Wedges – Walmart; Ring – Charlotte Russe.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Kisses & Kiss Offs – Earth Day Emphasis Edition

22 Apr

Kisses to

people who recycle

aluminum water bottles

My boyfriend’s mom who brought me breakfast this morning! she does like me! score!

Target giving out the CUTEST reusable shopping bags this week with every purchase!

Starbucks for 10cent discounts when you bring in your own mug & only a 50cent refill when you come back the same day!

Originally I gave a big fat kiss off to the jerk who stole my doormat after I lived in my apt for a whopping 3 hours. But I made this new beauty . Which is just more perfect & now home made šŸ™‚

My hair for maintaining some resemblance of the curls I made this morning.

The TV in my closet/bedroom. Man I need to do an apt post soon. I’ve watched each of my all time favorite movies this week & it is so nice to be curled up in bed, surrounded by clothes, & watching something like Breakfast at Tiffany’s (I watched that one 2 nights in a row lol)

Kiss offs to

factory farming

people like this lady. Ignorance is such a shame!

Girls who tear each other apart for what reason?

Anyone without a backbone. I try incessantly to get people to have a little passion & self worth, but some people just can’t muster it & it frustrates me to no end!

when people have “fights” or “arguments” with someone that has NO IDEA what the fuck is going on. Do everyone a favor & put on your big girl panties & address the issue.


the Dalton Ladies Night Out event hosted by Alison Sweeney that is going on tonight. They keep changing their schedule to make it absolutely impossible for me to attend & meet my all time favorite soap star.

The gloomy day. Yikes no bueno. Good thing I’m decked out in brightass yellow to combat these greys.

stolen littleĀ thing

21 Apr

Stole the picture survey from createloves.

1. Favorite hobby?

2. Favorite tv show?

3. Favorite restaurant food?
in general…

4. Favorite thing to shop for?

5. Favorite animal?

6. Favorite song?

7. Favorite word?

8. Recent favorite youtube video?
9. Favorite movie?

10. Favorite childhood memory?
watching with my mom

So fresh so clean!

21 Apr

This outfit is back from the 26th of March! I’m all over the place. I only remember the date because it was my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Gosh I’m a lucky girl. A whole year with the dreamiest boy on the planet? Hate me. It’s ok, I understand.

This turned out to be a very sad day & I was lucky to have my love to run away to in ATL. Chattanooga got way too heavy for a second. It’s interesting that I was wearing so much white on such a day. Which is rare for me normally.

Blazer – Charlotte Russe; Tank – Goody’s (I belive); Jeans – Target; Shoes –; Flower pin – made by moi; & I’m not sure if you can tell but the puzzle piece necklace I’m wearing is a handmade etsy item by mcflashpants that was one half of the most perfect anniversary gift possible.