7 Apr

Thought it was about time to get all these pictures I have stored on WordPress into a proper blog entry! Especially before they look ridiculous being posted in glorious sunny warm weather! I have tons more oldies to upload. but at least I’m clear here now!

Lazy lazy morning. Little trashy for work. But I felt like a skinny rockstar & nothing can trump that. Clearly the MAC Russian Red was added at work. Made it all better.

Jacket – Forever21; Jeans – Target; shirt – Victorias Secret; heels – Steve Madden

I actually felt scandalous wearing those earrings. SO CUTE! But man the guys would think I were a devil worshiper.

Shirt – Miley Cyrus Walmart (shriek!); skirt – NY&Co; Shoes – Ashley Judd; Earrings – Hot Topic 🙂

Boyfriend saw this one on my camera & liked it a lot 🙂 hmmm. surprise! Definitely one of those last minute mornings (as demonstrated by pony tail)

Shirt – Charlotte Russe (nearly 10million yrs ago); Cowlneck tank – Goody’s (I think); Capris – NY&Co; Heels – Goody’s.

Shirt – Walmart, Skirt – Charlotte Russe (again 10 million yrs ago); Necklace worn as bracelet – Vintage; Shoes – Target.

I look like I’m about to get into a fight!

Jacket – Target; Jeans – Calvin Klein; Shoes – Nine West; shirt – Victorias Secret.

Didn’t really like this outfit. Blah. The sweater was annoying the crap out of me rolling up on the bottom like that. Any idea how to make it stop? also, I was not strutting in the second picture. That is me think I got caught at work.

Sweater – Fossil Thrifted; Skirt – NY& Co; Shoes – Goody’s; Shirt – Old Navy; Belt – with skirt.

Wore this to have dinner with my sisterfri & mommy at Red Robin (Free birthday veggie burger! hollaaa!)

Poncho – Thrifted; Jeans – Calvin Klein Thrifted. Boots – Old Navy; Turtleneck – Walmart; Belt – NY&Co.

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