Kisses mostly

7 Apr

Kisses To…

…my mommy. She’s always amazing to me. & I am especially thankful for that when I am a goddamn terror to her in the mornings. She’s also learning to give advice only when asked (so lovely!)

…my boy. We have been shaky so far this week & it’s really tearing up my whole day. But he just wrote me the sweetest email (& he rarely sends more than a simple sentence) telling me everything I could possibly want to hear. It made me cry & life is good again.

…Bob. Because as much as I hate the idea of it. He’s about to swat the big wasp thats been buzzing behind my head all morning.

…Matt Hawkins (he doesn’t read this but whatever) for entertaining me everyday all day. & always telling me to work out. Sheesh.

…sitting down last night & writing checks that totaled more than half of my next paycheck. Thank god for tax refunds! Only a kiss because it felt so good to be so responsible & get all that stuff off my shoulders 🙂

Kiss offs to –

…my shins. Ughhhhh. Shin splints you may be the death of me! You’re ruining my mood!

…Indecisive little manchildren.

…My new bike is making funny noises in the little pedal compartment. Ughhhh.


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