10 Apr


Jazmyn here!

Shameless camera whoring.

Boyfriend is at work & I am bored with his MAC.

It’s my blog, so poo if you no likey. (5 yr old much?!)

Woo! I curled my hair. I am OBSESSED with my hot rollers. Or should I say, my mom’s hot rollers. I borrowed them a month ago & have no plans to return them. Sorry mommy!

Little peaksy on the right of my superdupermagical bra. There needs to be a whole post dedicated to it soon.

No, I do not have a right eyeball.

oh right! so my outfit….

ta-da. I feel super cute today. Just wore it to take boyfriend some lunch at work & light shopping. (light! I know! Walked out of Marshalls AND Target without anything! As much as I would love to attribute it to my iron willpower & restraint… Actually, the stores in Lawrenceville suck.)

Those were my successful shots. Now….

My bad side – & oh… yeah, me falling over. well done clutzo.

& too slow!



2 Responses to “Shameful!”

  1. Christen April 10, 2010 at 7:42 pm #

    Your hair looks absolutely beautiful. And you are stunning!


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