Let’s talk about my friend Betsey

13 Apr

You know when someone quits smoking & then all their friends forget & they all light up around them. & that person is all “wtf you’re not helping me! I know YOU don’t want to quit, but I do!”

Well. That’s much like taking me shopping. Or especially into TJMaxx. What’s that commercial say? Oh yeah, I’m a Maxxonista!

My mom needed to get my opinion on two comforter sets at TJ Maxx & I of course obliged. I had also been on a recent mission for a new purse. Wellllll. BAM! I was struck immediately… we shall call her “Baby B”. she was cute. Small. Square. Checkered. Lovely. I caressed her. She was going to be mine. OH WAIT! Look there’s a bigger version! BETSEY! Sleek. Fun design but grown up shape. SOLD! Hello first designer bag. I love you half off tag!

My mom wasn’t any help stopping this drug score. After my immediate convulsions, I started saying “But I get black bags” “But it’s spring. This isn’t very springy”.  But all my enabler mother could say was “Oh that is SO YOU!” & it was in fact SO ME. So much me in fact, even my 70 year old male coworker said “well that sure looks like it belongs to you” I mean c’mon?! That’s when you know it’s time for marriage.

& if you don’t believe that… when I transferred my essentials over, check it out. Meant to be in there!

SJPNYC Perfume!! (good boyfriend!); Target $1 aluminum water bottle; Target $1 makeup bag; Target (new!) wallet; $1 store eyeglass case; lint roller; mints; beat to hell jesus cell phone; camera in (new!) case; moleskine journal; amazing GiGi Anders book; moleskine daily planner; ray ban sunglass carrier.

So what did I do for dinner that night with my twinsie & her hot mama? Well I dressed to match my bag! yeahhhh!

Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress; vintage black slip; target flats; Betsey ❤

Well ok ok so I have an abrupt & surprisingly end to this love affair. I returned Betsey. I know! It doesn’t make much sense. Maybe I am sabotaging my accessory relationships the same way I do my human relationships. blast. Oh well. I realized (or rather came to accept) that I am indeed a black bag girl. I don’t nor can I, dress to match my bag everyday. & a bag like that is, well, A LOT.

For instance. Sunday I wore my favorite Anthropolgie dress (*note* it was actually considered sleepwear online & I paid more for that “sleep dress” than any other item in my closet. yes, I’m cheap, but still 75ish was a lot for this thing. even if it was the beginning of butterfly blazoned clothes & I was maybe going to wear it to boyfriend’s brother’s wedding)

Anyway the clash frightened me.

So I returned her. & I plan to put the 70 bucks towards a fabulous designer BLACK purse. I’m a bore huh?


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