Oh the struggle

16 Apr

I’ve been really consumed by my thougthts lately. It’s going to make for an epic kiss/kiss off post. Some people are so draining. & so disappointing. I think my biggest pet peeves in the world are wasting your life & not being authentic. It just kills me.

In more narcisistic news, I desperately need somewhere cute to take my outfit pictures! I’m too much of a chicken to take them outside outside. I don’t generally give a damn about what people think of me, but for some reason the idea of someone seeing me take a picture of myself is mortifying. Not as if you don’t realize seeing my pictures here that I did exactly that &took my own picture. But to be honest, even that makes me uneasy. Ugh. Anyway, I took pictures today on my porch. Nice change. The last few afternoons I have used my lunch break to walk to Starbucks (mile roundtrip I’d bet) & lounge over coffee (free yesterday for tax day) or iced green tea. My pics yesterday were botched in the office & man it would have been cute to get my summer dress on the bridge I had to walk over carrying my borrowed reusable mug. Gahhhh. The regret! I suck!!

this outfit was about 2weeks ago. Wore it to court. Why do people find it acceptable to go to court in jeans, flip flops, or jammies?! I mean seriously. Put in a little effort. Might help ya some.

This was really comfy! The amount of looks I got on my shoes was overwhelming. Bright color or the simple fact that I wasn’t in house shoes? lol

Shirt – victoria’s secret; skirt – NY&co; shoes – Charlotte Russe; Scarf- gift from Savannah GA

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