Where are my font options?

27 Apr

My narcissism is starting to really shine! When I feel cute I guess I just ham it up. But it makes my day soooooooo much better so I’m not making any apologies!

I really liked my tank peaking out a bit at the bottom but it was all kinds of fuss for the entire day! Can’t stand the primping every time I have to go to the damn printer.

this shirt was only 3 bucks! & You’re not going to believe from where…. The Body Shop! I shit you not. I love their cheap & gaudy earrings, but this pattern caught my attention because I knew I had the perfect purple shoes at home to accent it 🙂

normally I like to take foot shots that show my tattoo but I accidentally deleted that one. This is a cool view of my anniversary gift piece that I turned into an anklet. The initials “JRC” are my boyfriends. He has “JCB” of course.

Tank – Walmart; Top – The Body Shop (gasp one more time); Shoes – Ashley Judd @ Goody’s; Skirt – NY&Co.

Now I would like to note that I don’t wear the skirt THIS often. I can’t possibly! Ugh. Must hide skirt when I get home.

I promise I have been taking outside pictures! I love them so much more! Just have to get my narcissism a point or two higher & this blog will be less jankity (curious; is there proper spelling for Jankity?)

also, a post on real things coming soonly.


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