30 Apr

Back to my mac photobooth whoring!

currently I am being paid 12bucks an hour to laze in my boyfriends king sized, feathered, cushy wushy ridiculous bed. Oh glorious vacation days! I took today off so I could come see him be a rockstar last night for his first gig in a long time. Oh my gosh I smiled the whole time. He’s so happy when he plays! & not to be biased but they were definitely the best out of all 4 bands.

He’s working right now. I’m about to be domestic & grocery shop. Along with stopping by a few big lots to find this throw blanket my mom is harassing me about 😛

I’ve been wearing this jean jacket WAY TOO often. Guess thats my spring uniform. Dress & jean jacket.

Of course as usual my pics will be out of date order. Last nights outfit was a huge success. Got SO many random compliments on the dress I wore. But here’s today. Bright & happy. I brought orange wedge sandals to wear but the dress feels to short to have anymore height to my legs. I like my twice worn EXTREMELY dirty white flats. grrrr.

(ohhh gallery you say?!  neat! lets try!)

Jean jacket – Charlotte Russe; Dress – Forever 21; Shoes – Walmart

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