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How very botanical

30 May

Off to the Atlanta botanical garden today!

Wearing quite the appropriate skirt id say! I got it yesterday for 2 bucks at the salvation army. They were having a 50% off sale & I didn’t even know it until I got to the register! The sweet cashier said he tried to tell me (when he greeted me) but that Josh & I were being all lovey dovey & didn’t want to intrude. Lol! Oops!


“She’s wonderful! Where ever did you find her?” “976-BABE.”

28 May

Pretty woman dress right?!?! I should be kicking grass into polo fields & being wined & dined by a fine lookin business man!

Who DOESN’T love that movie? I think I could quote the entire thing….

Dress – Thrifted; Shoes – Goodys (before the re-do); flower – DIY

On the line with decadence… it called…

27 May

Obligatory SATC2 post… coming…. now!

Ok. I’m a DIE HARD fan. My obsession teeters on the edge of psychotic. I’m aware of this. I had my outfit picked out for weeks, tickets for days, cosmo purchaser advised, google theme downloaded, soundtrack on repeat, movie lines memorized, trivia down pat, commentary versions of everything viewed, & then the movie…. I’m just not in love.

I don’t want to say too much before anyone sees it, but 1) where the fuck is the CITY of Sex and the City? NY was MIA. 2) Miranda’s character does a 180 each movie. Who is she? 3) Samantha shines! god I love her!

I got all gussied up & joined my mom & friends Ebony, Paige, & her pal Erin. Great group! GREAT! Got to admit, really missed my twinsie! My mom was a super sport & got all decked out for the occasion. Everyone else? Bailed! Paige even wore a shirt over her “I ❤ Sex and The City” tank.

My hat was a big success. One girl who made my night, in the bathroom said to me “I really like your outfit. You did a good job on picking that out” Doesn’t that just sound kind of off the wall? Normally it’s just “you look cute” “cute dress” but a “good job!?” haha. I’ll take it! Nice that the effort is recognized & appreciated! 🙂

The hat was a part of a pile my grandma gave me from her Red Hat Society days. Most were tacky silly things, but this one was amazing. & really there wasn’t any fear in decking it – once Carrie wears a BIRD on her head, I can do anything. It has some silly string that you were to tie under your chin (really?!?!) So I got plain metal headbands from the craft store & pocked it through. Perfecto.

Dress – Forever21; Hat – Vintage; Shoes –; Belt – J Crew; Ring – Charlotte Russe; Purse – vintage; Jacket – Old Navy


Denim Prison

26 May

Dress – Walmart; Bolero – Tj Maxx w/ a dress; shoes –; flower pin – vintage; ring – goodys

Love these shoes! Man they’re chunkers though! I switched them mid day to my flat target gladiators & it felt much more “right”. Sadly, no picture.

Anyone else love my 3rd grader pose on the right? I’m all breast forward.

I should seriously be paid for my endorsement of the Victoria’s Secret Super Duper Magical Miracle Bombshell bra. It’s magical. A magical miracle. Yes, there is such a thing & it’s called 2 inches of super lifting padding. I’m it’s BIGGEST fan.

On a sidenote, I’ve recently done some self discovery & I have to tell you, I REALLY hate pants. Maybe its just because it’s Summer… I’m not sure what could have suddenly changed my love so quickly & ferociously, but the feeling of pants drives me BONKERS now! &Jeans are the worst.

For some reason, despite my new hatred for jeans, I’m really stuck on wearing denim on Fridays. I’m a strange one, I know. However, the chambray dress was just what the doctor ordered! Light, airy, but casual. Love.

Shirt (little boys) & Jeans – Walmart; Belt – Vintage; Headband & shoes – Goodys

Too bad the body shot is blurry. Really liked this outfit. As for the pants, this is the Friday I realized I now truly despise leg confinement. Cute nonetheless. & Perfect for hanging out watching movies on the couch with the boyfriend’s fam a few weeks ago.

The belt was a STEAL at my favorite little vintage shop in Athens. The first time I found the shop I spotted a Breakfast at Tiffanys vinyl soundtrack. DIEEEEEEEEEE. I didn’t have cash & we were only getting shelter from the rain on a rush across town so I left it. I thought about it all week & when I returned the next weekend, it was, of course, GONE. My heart was broken.

What is the only way to cure something like that (or at least distract the heart for a second as I’m still searching everywhere for another copy)? Buy something else. There were 3 butterfly belt buckles with the one elastic (I still need to buy more… maybe at lunch…). the owner makes up prices as she goes along, which is really irritating, but this time served me well when she said all 3 for 15 bucks! I know I could turn around & sell them EACH for probably double on Etsy, but damnit, I’m in love & they’er perfect for me.

I’m in the crew

25 May

*Before we get into the meat of this stew – I need you to know that I am OFFICIALLY a style blogger! The above photo was taken due to me walking my chicken ass out of the car to this deserted parking lot to take an outfit shot. I was a lame rat & out of the 2 photos I took only this one was acceptable. & yeah you can see the bottom of my car… but hey I’VE GOT GUTS GUYS!!*

I know it’s all about how you wear something. Brands & designers don’t reallllly matter. I don’t like to name any names in life…. but HEY GUYS!!!!!! MY SKIRT IS FROM JCREW!

wow. lamezille. I apologize. It’s just…. JCrew is kind of my equivalent to guys with a Victoria’s Secret catalog. Much like boobs to men, all the pretty clothes & stellar styling gets me a little excited. Not to mention I have researched Jenna Lyons into oblivion (the creative director) & my weight loss goals are mostly to look decent in a pair of their “minnie” pants (in black : )

J Crew however is SUUUUUUUUUUUPER out of my budget. My mentality, no matter how many of you preach the other way to me, is much more quantity over quality. I would just much rather buy 15 skirts to the one J Crew skirt.

Well…. shopping on Sunday with Josh & his Mama we wandered into J Crew… & I found a skirt!  THE skirt! Originally $110… marked down to… dundundun 39.99!!! no shit! Funny thing is, I was still hemming & hawing. But during my 5 minutes of indecisiveness, Jackie snatched it (&a badass belt along with it) out of my hand & alerted me she was buying it for me! No Shit!! Love to Mama Couillard always hookin me up with the crew (she gave me a tank top & necklace for my bday)

Blazer – Charlotte Russe; Shoes –; Tank – Old Navy; Necklace – flea market; Skirt – J Crew (duh)

Naturally I wore it the very next day. I love new clothes!

Sticky sweet

24 May

Friday after running all over town getting important things taken care of (like pre-ordering True Blood season 2 on DVD) we stumbled into the MOST authentic Korean restaurant ever. NOTHING was in English nor did anyone speak English. They brought out all these crazy little bowls of funkiness before our meal.

I tried EVERYTHING! No joke. I had no idea what any of it was & I tried it anyway. I’m not a fan of seaweed it turns out, but the dish in the far upper left – YUMZILLA! I ate it all. Super fast. yumyumyum.

Saturday we rolled out of bed to meet Josh’s mama who was in town. Spent the afternoon shopping with her (I got some great goodies – stay tuned for next time : )

Oh man oh man. So after his mama left on her way back out, we headed to the grocery store for some essentials.

(not sure what that light is on my neck…. lol)
Tank, vest & sandals – Walmart; Dress – Rue21

I whipped up some speedy guacamole, Josh grabbed the laptop, banana rum/sprite, some coronas (oh yeah I found a 6pack of coronas in the parking lot unopened. Anyone getting a sense of my crazy luck yet?!), & we made our way to the forgotten pool (everyone seems to only like the main pool). Welllll turns out they locked it on this day. So whatd we do? Climbed the fence! Duh! Then we swam, watched Weeds, drank yumminess, & ate half a bag of chips with my super star guac.

ooops sprite exploded!

After that little adventure we came back to make yummy burritos before we got a call from Josh’s boss to go hang out. & hang out we did! Til 5am. Yowza. Too much fun to even write out!

This was about 1am downtown. I’m 85% sober.

switched up the outfit a bit
jacket – Charlotte Russe; sandals – Target

For going to bed at 5 we sure got up early on Sunday. That meant breakfast burritos before Josh scooted off to work for a whopping 45 minutes.

I swear we got ready & THEN realized we were both wearing yellow. It was cute nonetheless. The one pic I got of us together is not cute. bummer.

We went to welcome his new student then made our way downtown for unpictured delicious oysters & gelato.

We’re such fat kids.

also stumbled on to a gorgeous wedding. I think we decided this was the 8th wedding we’ve found ourselves witnessing. Weird right?

What are we doing with our mouths?

Dress – Walmart; Shoes – Target

Mocking me. pfft.


Guess what this is?!!?

MANGO STICKY RICE! We learned how to make it all by ourselves!

holy shit it was DEEEEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS! We should have even made double the sauce that we did, but it was still PERFECT!

Then we cuddled up to watch more Weeds & eat those TWO GIANT servings 🙂

We followed that up with an epic nap of cuddles & so ended the weekend.


24 May

Not sure what got me on the subject but I went on a 10 minute love gush about Rita Hayworth this weekend & how I think she is the most gorgeous thing to have ever lived.

Don’t you agree?