Me & Isaac

2 May

Just a little mac photobooth shoot with Isaac. (Isaac the Iphone!)

In case boyfriend EVER finds this blog, I would just like to say that I OBVIOUSLY posted the picture in my last post BEFORE you exclaimed to me this morning that I could not post my iphone pics or video of you anywhere. I consider the last one grandfathered in 🙂

Wore this to meet the man for lunch. Booooo to big boy jobs that work over the weekend! I want to make note that this outfit came to be in a 2 minute tizzy. It was a ringring “wanna meet up on my lunch baby?” “sure when are you taking it” “now.” “well… I should get out of bed then” so dirty hair, slapped makeup, & partway jammies. Point for me!

Scarf – Target (3.48 this weekend!); Skirt – Forever21; Tank – Old Navy; Butterfly ring – Target (2.48 this weekend!); shoes – same Walmart dirties; Sunnies – Ray Ban.

Time to play more with my phone & get stuff ready to go home tomorrow 😦


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