Who’s your mommy?!

9 May

I knew I was behind on posting some outfit shots but I had no idea how many I had chilling on my computer! In an effort to stay up to date however, I’m posting today! haha. Continuing the procrastion cycle? mhmm. That’s how I roll.

Dress – Target; Shoes – Old Navy (thrifted); Jacket – (please take it away from me!) Charlotte Russe; Ring – Charlotte R.

My hamming it up in Old Navy before I dropped too much cash on lovely dresses. Damn them for all their Cabana Dress commercials during Betty White’s SNL.

Got to spend the day with the most amazing woman on the planet. I know everyone says that about their mom. But they’re clueless. They don’t even know what “amazing” is. Luckily I do, & in an effort to remain her #1, I’m not going to tell anyone the details 🙂

We went to the Chattanooga Market & bought DEEELICIOUS strawberries. A whole gallon. oh I still have a strawberry belly ache. We ate them straight from the carton & threw the leafy parts everywhere. &by everywhere I mean I almost assaulted a man with one.

We continued on our shopping after hitting up Starbucks for HALF PRICE TOTALLY CUSTOMIZED FOR FREE Frappucinos. Ohhhhh yummmm. Carrying a number of dresses as well as a lovely pair of chuck’s for me (picture coming soon. can’t even talk details – you just need to see them) & then a super awesome birthday gift for the best guy on the planet. shhhh.

my oldest & dearest friend Jimmy came over to eat the yummy dinner I was making for my mom (definitely should have gotten a picture of that! I even cooked them chicken. what?!?! omg. yeah really) Jimmy brought mom a GORGEOUS & GINORMOUS rose.

“Jimmy! That rose is huge! Where’d you get it?”

“The big &tall store. Where I get everything”

also, Jimmy is 6’6 ish. too funny. Maybe you should have been there?

ahhh fin.

As for yesterday: this was my whole outfit (notice Im trying to branch out with scenery? yay me!)

Shirt – Victoria’s Secret; Skirt – Thrifted; shoes – walmart; headband – dollar store!
girrrrl you is cheeaaaapppp!

I LOVE MY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end.


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