11 May

Dress – Thrifted; wedges – payless; necklace – NY&Co.

Dress – Old Navy (thrifted); capris – NY&Co; Wedges – Payless.

Does anyone else find it REALLY funny when people try to compete with you in life? Personally I’m quick to shut down competitions with facts, but really, what is the point?! Life isn’t a competition. You’re trying to make it. I’m trying to make it. We’re all striving for virtually all of the same things. Who waved the flag to start a race?

I’ve run into this problem A LOT with one particular friend. For a few months now. Originally our only problem was jealousy or resentment for my good luck or results of asserting myself (I’m big on everyone being more assertive!!!). Well all of a sudden they went all out of touch with their own reality. Now, I’ve tried to just sit & listen passively. I don’t get any questions about anything relating to me anymore, so I offer nothing up. However, listening to someone try to “one up” you when everything they have is some misconstrued fallacy? Annoying. As I have done so many times in the past with people I originally *thought* were friends, I will sit back & watch as they spiral into a big bad mess & then they’ll come back like nothing ever happened.

I don’t consider myself any sort of “authority” on love, but since I met Josh, I now know what love is really supposed to be like. & I can’t help but feel bad for anyone who thinks love is some chaotic, one sided effort, that can’t ever be honest.

oh well. I’ve tried. as long as they are convinced that they’re happy – sweet deal!

I’ll just stick to being awesome at my life & keeping the friends around that don’t feel threatened by it & can be happy for me just as I am happy for them.

I’ve spent so much of my time in Chattanooga being sucked of energy by certain people. Cutting ties with those people is so liberating.


2 Responses to “Bitching”

  1. Tammy May 11, 2010 at 9:45 am #

    Scream it from the rooftops kid! SO TRUE…SO TRUE!

  2. Chelsea S. May 11, 2010 at 1:48 pm #

    OMG that wrap dress is GLORIOUS. It’s perfect with the puffed sleeves and pretty bow (how do you do that? I suck at tying bows) and full skirt. I love it!

    And the second look is rockin’ while being totally different… kinda mod 60s maybe? Adore.

    Finally… good for you for feeling good about keeping the people that bring you joy in your life, and letting go of those that don’t. It’s so hard to do that! I still hang on to some guilt for letting go of friendships that just weren’t working, but I gotta get over that shit because really a draining friendship isn’t worth it! I’ve got too much fabulous life to live!

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