Since it’s not a surprise anymore

11 May

my boyfriend has the amazing ability to completely disarm a surprise or gift almost immediately upon it’s conception. It’s baffling!!

Anniversary present… he somehow asked if it was a keychain. wtf. Then week before last I got the bright idea to take him a pizza from his favorite local spot. What does he say that same night “you know it’d be really cool if you brought my Lupis sometime. I miss it.”  I SHIT YOU NOT! I never even spoke the plan outloud. nor did I tell ANYONE in ANY form. Damn psychic boy.

WELLL This weekend both & his brother came into town to celebrate mothers day. Well I noticed immediately when I saw Josh on Saturday that he was wearing converse (definitely doesn’t own a pair & I wouldn’t have believed him had he said he ever did in the past) Turns out they were his brothers. He looked SO cute in them! I hated the poopy brown but we both agreed they’d be perfect in Navy for him to wear to work. So on Sunday what did I do? I bought him a pair! (bonus points: I got the right size!) Shoe carnival was having a buy one get one half off sale (I’m taking a picture in front of the sign : )

So we’re chit chatting on the phone last night & the boy would NOT shut up about whether I liked them on him, how perfect they would be for work & how we HAD to go this weekend & pick up a pair. GRRRR!!!! So I came out with it. “Josh, I bought them. Shut up & wait for your birthday” blah.

Happened to work out wonderfully for me no matter the original intention, I got my own pair of Chucks for only 15 buckaroonies! Originally 49.99 even!

I plan to write “Josh & Cupcakes!” on each side. Or maybe Josh on the left & cupcakes on the Right. Because, well, clearly I am obsessed with both things. : ) Just can’t help it.

I’ll be sporting them with a cute dress this weekend – can’t wait!


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