Just for now

15 May

I have so much to tell you bloggy! Thanks to everyone stopping by & leaving comments! Once I have some free minutes & an actual computer I can share some long winded news & return the comments šŸ™‚

Now this is my groupie outfit for the day. Boyfriend is playing with his band at the Melting Point in Athens, GA.

He took this photo & yowza I felt like a super weirdo just asking him (or anyone for that matter) to take my picture. So no, you can’t really see my boots, I was too chicken to request a re-take.

I could care less about all this blogger business of who gets paid what or who gets what for free I want to know how everyones pictures get taken. I know some adorable bloggers have dutiful husbands take theirs & maybe once married its ok to be all out with your seeming narcisissm or maybe those guys understand bogs where mine definitely wouldn’t….

But seriously; do you set your timer & run like the fool that I am? do you have a tripod & remote? Share share!!

Dress – walmart; purse & boots – old navy.


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