Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb!

20 May

10 pages of pictures that need to be posted! gahhh beeehind! This week the boy has been in town on a miraculous break from work. That means my days have consisted of being picked up on my lunch break, loved & fed & then sleeping snuggled up on a yacht. Yes, really. Tuesday I woke up next to my man on a yacht & had a cupcake waiting on me. Had I not had to go to work, that could have been the best day of my life.

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago. It was alright at work. That damn jean jacket again! It even annoys me – I just can’t help it! After work when I put my hair up I really loved it the whole look. Not sure why I never thought of the “top knot” before when my hair was much longer. Mystery. Now I just can’t wait to do the heidi braids. I try it everyday 🙂

Dress – JcPenney (I believe – more than 6 yrs old); Shoes – Kmart; Jacket – Char R; Belt – from a NY&Co skirt; bag – (has since fallen apart) Kohls.


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