Peskiness abounding

21 May

We have business to attend to here!

1) Welcome to yes, really. I made the lamezilla jump to get a domain & I am so happy! Feels like such a present to myself!

2) Here’s something I wore a weeks ago

Dress, bracelet, & scarf – Target; Shoes – Steve Madden via Ross; Belt – Tj Maxx

(as you can see I was still coordinating with Isaac. I just do that when I get something new & AWWWWESOME!)

3) The most exciting thing happened to this blog… THE Miss Jennifer Taylor (or as I know/knew her: Jennifur Brandt!) The author of Life is a Movie Staring YOU – The Pesky Meddling Girls Guide to Living Your Dream! commented on MY blog! If you don’t know who I’m talking about QUICK!!! GO BUY her book NOWWW! I don’t care how old you are, you will love it! I was 13 when I made my mom buy it for me. I remember reading it in one sitting. Or multiple sittings as I was along for my moms evening walking behind her & slumped into a booth with my nose buried in it. I found Jennifur on some AOL thing. She used to say she made a great pen pal & she wasn’t kidding! She emailed back & forth with me for ages! I so wish I still had them. Gmail where were you then :/ ?

The book she soon came out with was a sort of guidebook to be your most totally awesome self (it probably says those exact words in there somewhere). Jennifur compiled advice, style, tips, music, books, movies, old school slang words & everything wonderful into her book with her signature vintage style poured over all of it all.

A while after our days on AOL she started writing an advice column in ElleGirl magazine (a favorite of mine!) & I followed her then through that period as well. Then there was myspace stalking & now of course I read her current blog.

I still have the book. I should scan some pages as it had spots to write in about yourself & what you like or don’t like. For a long time I refused to write in it as I didn’t want to mess it up. It was a sort of bible to me afterall! A year or more later I think I finally realized I could always buy a second copy & began to write in it. I read them recently & I remember laughing hysterically at myself. I need to get back to it!

Jennifer (sorry I keep switching between past & present) commented on my blog after googling the pesky meddling girls. When I began my “kisses vs kiss offs” list I did it in honor of Jennifur (the ORIGINAL & her famous “Pesky vs. Poopy” list.) I could ramble all day on what a cool honor it is that she stopped by & took the time to comment. Then again, that’s always been her! She used to email me, a silly 12-13 yr old girl & her words made me squeal just as they do now.

Love, cupcakes & leopard print forever 🙂

– Jaz


One Response to “Peskiness abounding”

  1. Tessa May 22, 2010 at 6:49 pm #

    Love the way you wore your scarf! I’m gonna have to give that a try.

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