I’m in the crew

25 May

*Before we get into the meat of this stew – I need you to know that I am OFFICIALLY a style blogger! The above photo was taken due to me walking my chicken ass out of the car to this deserted parking lot to take an outfit shot. I was a lame rat & out of the 2 photos I took only this one was acceptable. & yeah you can see the bottom of my car… but hey I’VE GOT GUTS GUYS!!*

I know it’s all about how you wear something. Brands & designers don’t reallllly matter. I don’t like to name any names in life…. but HEY GUYS!!!!!! MY SKIRT IS FROM JCREW!

wow. lamezille. I apologize. It’s just…. JCrew is kind of my equivalent to guys with a Victoria’s Secret catalog. Much like boobs to men, all the pretty clothes & stellar styling gets me a little excited. Not to mention I have researched Jenna Lyons into oblivion (the creative director) & my weight loss goals are mostly to look decent in a pair of their “minnie” pants (in black : )

J Crew however is SUUUUUUUUUUUPER out of my budget. My mentality, no matter how many of you preach the other way to me, is much more quantity over quality. I would just much rather buy 15 skirts to the one J Crew skirt.

Well…. shopping on Sunday with Josh & his Mama we wandered into J Crew… & I found a skirt!  THE skirt! Originally $110… marked down to… dundundun 39.99!!! no shit! Funny thing is, I was still hemming & hawing. But during my 5 minutes of indecisiveness, Jackie snatched it (&a badass belt along with it) out of my hand & alerted me she was buying it for me! No Shit!! Love to Mama Couillard always hookin me up with the crew (she gave me a tank top & necklace for my bday)

Blazer – Charlotte Russe; Shoes – Tillys.com; Tank – Old Navy; Necklace – flea market; Skirt – J Crew (duh)

Naturally I wore it the very next day. I love new clothes!


One Response to “I’m in the crew”

  1. Chelsea S. May 27, 2010 at 1:02 pm #

    ooooh that skirt is all kinds of amazing! I am loving the pattern/colors, and oooh with white is tres chic! and yay for generous in-laws 🙂

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