Denim Prison

26 May

Dress – Walmart; Bolero – Tj Maxx w/ a dress; shoes –; flower pin – vintage; ring – goodys

Love these shoes! Man they’re chunkers though! I switched them mid day to my flat target gladiators & it felt much more “right”. Sadly, no picture.

Anyone else love my 3rd grader pose on the right? I’m all breast forward.

I should seriously be paid for my endorsement of the Victoria’s Secret Super Duper Magical Miracle Bombshell bra. It’s magical. A magical miracle. Yes, there is such a thing & it’s called 2 inches of super lifting padding. I’m it’s BIGGEST fan.

On a sidenote, I’ve recently done some self discovery & I have to tell you, I REALLY hate pants. Maybe its just because it’s Summer… I’m not sure what could have suddenly changed my love so quickly & ferociously, but the feeling of pants drives me BONKERS now! &Jeans are the worst.

For some reason, despite my new hatred for jeans, I’m really stuck on wearing denim on Fridays. I’m a strange one, I know. However, the chambray dress was just what the doctor ordered! Light, airy, but casual. Love.

Shirt (little boys) & Jeans – Walmart; Belt – Vintage; Headband & shoes – Goodys

Too bad the body shot is blurry. Really liked this outfit. As for the pants, this is the Friday I realized I now truly despise leg confinement. Cute nonetheless. & Perfect for hanging out watching movies on the couch with the boyfriend’s fam a few weeks ago.

The belt was a STEAL at my favorite little vintage shop in Athens. The first time I found the shop I spotted a Breakfast at Tiffanys vinyl soundtrack. DIEEEEEEEEEE. I didn’t have cash & we were only getting shelter from the rain on a rush across town so I left it. I thought about it all week & when I returned the next weekend, it was, of course, GONE. My heart was broken.

What is the only way to cure something like that (or at least distract the heart for a second as I’m still searching everywhere for another copy)? Buy something else. There were 3 butterfly belt buckles with the one elastic (I still need to buy more… maybe at lunch…). the owner makes up prices as she goes along, which is really irritating, but this time served me well when she said all 3 for 15 bucks! I know I could turn around & sell them EACH for probably double on Etsy, but damnit, I’m in love & they’er perfect for me.


2 Responses to “Denim Prison”

  1. Chris Renaud May 26, 2010 at 6:25 pm #

    You just rock in inward/outward beauty, coolness, and smarts-over-all great person…you truly are the treat!

  2. Chris Renaud May 26, 2010 at 6:26 pm #

    You just rock in inward/outward beauty, coolness, and smarts-over-all great person…you truly are the triple threat!

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