On the line with decadence… it called…

27 May

Obligatory SATC2 post… coming…. now!

Ok. I’m a DIE HARD fan. My obsession teeters on the edge of psychotic. I’m aware of this. I had my outfit picked out for weeks, tickets for days, cosmo purchaser advised, google theme downloaded, soundtrack on repeat, movie lines memorized, trivia down pat, commentary versions of everything viewed, & then the movie…. I’m just not in love.

I don’t want to say too much before anyone sees it, but 1) where the fuck is the CITY of Sex and the City? NY was MIA. 2) Miranda’s character does a 180 each movie. Who is she? 3) Samantha shines! god I love her!

I got all gussied up & joined my mom & friends Ebony, Paige, & her pal Erin. Great group! GREAT! Got to admit, really missed my twinsie! My mom was a super sport & got all decked out for the occasion. Everyone else? Bailed! Paige even wore a shirt over her “I ❤ Sex and The City” tank.

My hat was a big success. One girl who made my night, in the bathroom said to me “I really like your outfit. You did a good job on picking that out” Doesn’t that just sound kind of off the wall? Normally it’s just “you look cute” “cute dress” but a “good job!?” haha. I’ll take it! Nice that the effort is recognized & appreciated! 🙂

The hat was a part of a pile my grandma gave me from her Red Hat Society days. Most were tacky silly things, but this one was amazing. & really there wasn’t any fear in decking it – once Carrie wears a BIRD on her head, I can do anything. It has some silly string that you were to tie under your chin (really?!?!) So I got plain metal headbands from the craft store & pocked it through. Perfecto.

Dress – Forever21; Hat – Vintage; Shoes – Amiclubwear.com; Belt – J Crew; Ring – Charlotte Russe; Purse – vintage; Jacket – Old Navy



One Response to “On the line with decadence… it called…”

  1. Shoeshopper May 28, 2010 at 6:27 am #

    I love those sandals!!!Your feet are to die for and these babies really show them off!
    Gorgeous! SS

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