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Miss miss

25 Jun

Bummer! Killed my last post.

This is currently my single girl jam…

Gangster right? Crappy pop songs always get a full grasp on my love life no matter what situation it’s in.

I actually forgot how good I am at being single. Boulware powers fully engage!

so much to tell! I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting any blogs. I’m never ever home & I can’t get online at work anymore. lamezilla. Soon soon tho I promise!

& I will have tattoo pics on saturday! Tonight should be the last for a while. The one last week was a spur of the moment thing, while this one has been planned for a while. I’m so excited!

Catch up soon



I hope this is the beginning

23 Jun

Oh man my life! Sometimes I feel like I’m my own version of the Truman Show. Actually I feel like that A LOT. Someone should evaluate me.

Working triple time & holidays to get Josh to be my friend. It’s exhausting! Everyone says it will take time but damnit! I want it to happen now. I’m ok, he should be ok. BE OK JOSH! ugh. That’s me sending that thought into the universe for him to feel the vibrations of. Or something. It’s sad we broke up, it’s heartbreaking, I’m not lying. But it’s devastating to not be friends.

My tattoo is AMAZING! I can’t wait to show you. Really I am more than proud proud proud!! It means so much to me & the artist did a really spectacular job. I think I may be getting another one on Friday as I had promised my friend. So I may do a double whammy post then.

That is… if I make it to Friday… 😦 my head is pounding, my neck is swollen, I can’t swallow my own spit, & I’m hungry. Grumblegruff.

also. To add to my odd list bit of nothingness, I am working on something life changing & super top secret. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed! My life could really use this little change.

Please note this is PRE -9lbs. haha. It just makes me so happy I can’t stop saying it 😀

Skirt – Target; Shoes – Target (thrifted); vest – Walmart; tank – Rue21; earring – bodyshop

Spotted stripes

19 Jun

Hi! I’m still alive, I promise! At least for the time being. I don’t know how long I can survive on all my calories being alcoholic & my sleep being a max 3 hours some nights. Good times are being had so I won’t complain.

These are old! Definitely taken prior to losing my epic 9lbs in the past 2 weeks! Strict liquid diet of tequila & starbucks 🙂

This was me trying to do the mixing of two patterns thing that everyone else has already seemed to master. This one felt really right as both the stripes & the dots were very delicate.

tank – Old Navy; Red Stripe shirt – thrifted; Skirt – TJ Maxx; Shoes – stole from my mom; belt – Rue21

Off to my tattoo appt! That’s right. No holding back for Jazmyn anymore.


You’ll always be the one to beat

8 Jun

I’m back. ……anddddd I’m single. I know, wtf?! Life is nuts. But I feel more positive today than I have in MONTHS! (Not to mention I’m 6lbs slimmer. whattttttt? yeahhhhhh!)

That 10 things post – GOLD! Gave me the perfect perspective for remembering what makes me so famazing when someone questions it. I’m not going into the logistics, I’m exhausted by them. Due to a defect in my personality, I’ll surely be throwing bitter jabs in here every once in a while but I swear I’ll try to help it! I’m sad for the loss I feel. I’ve lost my best friend & the guy that I thought was the one. I’m coming to realize this is one of those stages (damnit) But I’m looking up!

Life is good guys! The people that surround me are magical.

(also I have to note that the universe is OBVIOUSLY talking to me through blogs today…. sign, sign, & a sign

Love love love

4 Jun

I can’t turn down a good meme. Or even a bad one depending on the day! 🙂
10 things I love about myself. 5 inside & 5 outside.

Inspired by the always inspiring & truly adorable Chelsea. I added pictures… well because I can.

  • My eyes – I should have been blessed with my “father’s” eyes. The entire side has gorgeous crystal blue eyes. Even his two new spawns. Not me! I got the Boulware brown. dun dun dun. Happily, they are a pretty brown (as I am very often told). I tend to notice their beauty when they’re orange (it can be creepy though). Whenever I receive compliments on them I feel EXTRA special… since after all… I think the vast majority of the world has brown eyes. (oh & they’re also a nice almond shape!)

  • My feet – I have an absolute foot phobia. No feet to feet touching, no touching my feet (ankles are even squirmy), & no sharing of slippers (not sure why I’m weird about slippers & NOT shoes… oh well). I don’t even like to look at any feet past a moving glance. MY feet, however, I love! Not that I’m all handsy with them regularly or anything, but I think they’re perfect! Not too big, not too small. Not wide, not narrow. My toes are all lined up perfectly & they’re straight, not – wonky. haha. I’m a nutcase right?

(my toes mayyyy be rainbow painted because I’m getting ready for pride week. See enthusiasm at the bottom! ; )

  • My butt – I wasn’t blessed with boobies but my butt has been well appreciated by many over the years.
  • My ears – EASILY my body part I love the most! I’ve been told they’re “freakishly tiny” by more than one person, but I think they’re cute! & They are totally flat against my head. I was going through baby pictures a few weeks ago & was struck by how large my ears were as a child (perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I didn’t really start growing much hair until I was 6). My conclusion: they stopped growing around 8. Serious.

  • …my tattoos – I’m struggling here. But I do love ALL of my tattoos SO much. They each mean something (yes even a silly cupcake) & I can’t wait to get more!!


  • I make an adventure out of everything – I think this is what most people love about me the most. You know when people tell epic stories of crazy shit they did when they were drunk? I do those things sober. Often. For instance often taking walks in the rain, joining a party full of strangers, sneaking into a hotel room for a shower, walking around downtown in a bathrobe or just a men’s shirt & entering a restaurant (to a standing round of applause, I shit you not!)

I have a picture of me in the shirt downtown but I can’t find it! gahhh!

  • I have crazy good luck – & I mean CRAY CRAY! I found a brand new digital camera in the middle of the road on vacation, last week I found a 6 pack of unopened Coronas in the parking garage of the mall, when I went to court for a 35mph OVER speeding ticket, I got out of it & awarded “Hamilton County Distinguished Citizen award” (thats a GOOD thing) & on the was interviewed on the 6 & 11pm news for my accomplishments in education! Often things appear moments after I speak about them (ex: I’ve always wanted a yellow polka dot bikini! Here let me go get underwear from Victoria’s Secret. OMG a yellow polka dot bikini & the only size left is mine! oh hey it looks great!), job offers from random people that I meet that throw money at me (one time LITERALLY), Free cable, bank fees always diminished, “customer loyalty” money appearing in my bank account just when I need it to. The list goes on & on.
  • I don’t take shit – If someone is treating me wrong, being stupid, behaving badly, etc, I don’t even think twice about calling them out. I sometimes feel like I’m the police of correcting people’s erroneous judgments of people. As well as sometimes bullying people into standing up for themselves. Not much irks me more than someone allowing them self to be walked on. I go into attack mode almost instantly. Sometimes this can harm me a little more than help me, but I wouldn’t change it about myself. I stand up for myself & the people I love (when they need me to).
  • I ‘m a college graduate – & was at the age of 17. I hardly EVER talk about it. I like to stand alone as I am now, but shiiiiit that was a lot of hard fucking work & a true rarity. (ok done. not to be mentioned again for a LONG LONG time)

  • I’m enthusiastic! Can I copy Chelsea directly? ok great, “I’m not sure how much it comes across in my blogging, but I get really excited about shit, and I show it! This makes my life more fun, exciting, and just enjoyable :)” It really does turn a lot of things around. Josh & I ran out of gas in the middle of the night, middle of no where, middle of a storm. We had to walk over a mile to a gas station that closed upon our arrival. We found a cop & when he offered to give us a ride, I squealed & literally jumped for joy! I had never been for a ride in a cop car! hello adventure! Similarly when Josh’s apt is full of cross country flight students & they’re taking up the beds, he gets pissy & wants to book a hotel when I’m stapling sheets to the ceiling of the living room to make a fort:)

wheew! that was fun. I love a good bit of narcissism before bed 😉

Ohhh shucks

4 Jun

I’ve always been a big time google girl. Gmail back when it was invitation only (nerd alert), biggest fan of google reader (I sell it with more enthusiasm than Billy Mays had for Oxyclean), & I refuse to ever use yahoo or this weird bing crap. I’ve stayed true over the past 5+ years & it’s finally paid off…

WordPress has a great stats tracking system. The thing I have most enjoyed is the collection of search terms people get to by blog by. recently I got two separate “976-Babe” & “what is 976-babe?” for my Pretty Woman post that literally made me LOL in the car like a lunatic.

But let my beating heart be still….

Ohhhh I can only imagine the let down this poor soul got upon his arrival here. Thanks to my Rita Hayworth gushing he got smacked up side the head with me. ahhhhahahahahahahah. I’m still laughing.

Thanks for returning the love google. What we’ve got will last a lifetime (or until they can reprogram minds to search the internet themselves in some weird cognitive mind controlled way. or something. whatever.)

So back to average beings….

Man my hair is pooftastic! This was Tuesday. Quite remarkably put together for driving from ATL at 5am & getting home with only 30 minutes to get together before running to work. I’m proud, gotta admit it.

Shirt – Walmart Miley Cyrus (gasp!) $3; Necklace – Walmart $7; Shoes – target $9; skirt – NY&Co $20; Flower pin – vintage from Gma $0 🙂

Catch me in my reading chair

3 Jun

Ok this is seriously the coolest chair/design idea ever! Anthropologie is lovely but the only things that ever catch my attention in their catalog are chairs. So silly.