Ohhh shucks

4 Jun

I’ve always been a big time google girl. Gmail back when it was invitation only (nerd alert), biggest fan of google reader (I sell it with more enthusiasm than Billy Mays had for Oxyclean), & I refuse to ever use yahoo or this weird bing crap. I’ve stayed true over the past 5+ years & it’s finally paid off…

WordPress has a great stats tracking system. The thing I have most enjoyed is the collection of search terms people get to by blog by. recently I got two separate “976-Babe” & “what is 976-babe?” for my Pretty Woman post that literally made me LOL in the car like a lunatic.

But let my beating heart be still….

Ohhhh I can only imagine the let down this poor soul got upon his arrival here. Thanks to my Rita Hayworth gushing he got smacked up side the head with me. ahhhhahahahahahahah. I’m still laughing.

Thanks for returning the love google. What we’ve got will last a lifetime (or until they can reprogram minds to search the internet themselves in some weird cognitive mind controlled way. or something. whatever.)

So back to average beings….

Man my hair is pooftastic! This was Tuesday. Quite remarkably put together for driving from ATL at 5am & getting home with only 30 minutes to get together before running to work. I’m proud, gotta admit it.

Shirt – Walmart Miley Cyrus (gasp!) $3; Necklace – Walmart $7; Shoes – target $9; skirt – NY&Co $20; Flower pin – vintage from Gma $0 🙂

One Response to “Ohhh shucks”

  1. Kara June 4, 2010 at 6:53 pm #


    pretty sure your gorgeous! 🙂

    and love the outfit! the necklace is rockin’

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