I hope this is the beginning

23 Jun

Oh man my life! Sometimes I feel like I’m my own version of the Truman Show. Actually I feel like that A LOT. Someone should evaluate me.

Working triple time & holidays to get Josh to be my friend. It’s exhausting! Everyone says it will take time but damnit! I want it to happen now. I’m ok, he should be ok. BE OK JOSH! ugh. That’s me sending that thought into the universe for him to feel the vibrations of. Or something. It’s sad we broke up, it’s heartbreaking, I’m not lying. But it’s devastating to not be friends.

My tattoo is AMAZING! I can’t wait to show you. Really I am more than proud proud proud!! It means so much to me & the artist did a really spectacular job. I think I may be getting another one on Friday as I had promised my friend. So I may do a double whammy post then.

That is… if I make it to Friday… 😦 my head is pounding, my neck is swollen, I can’t swallow my own spit, & I’m hungry. Grumblegruff.

also. To add to my odd list bit of nothingness, I am working on something life changing & super top secret. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed! My life could really use this little change.

Please note this is PRE -9lbs. haha. It just makes me so happy I can’t stop saying it 😀

Skirt – Target; Shoes – Target (thrifted); vest – Walmart; tank – Rue21; earring – bodyshop

One Response to “I hope this is the beginning”

  1. Jordie June 23, 2010 at 11:21 am #

    *crosses fingers* i hope you and this josh guy can be friends, you dont seem like a hard person to be friends with 🙂 chin up! and still cannot wait to see your tattoo! x

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