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The Beatles lied

2 Jul

The Beatles lied. You need a lot more than love.

I know I need to really lay the back story…. That thought exhausts me. So basically last time I was all “Josh be friends with me” well he decided he’d go for it & we met up. When he was acting as if nothing happened & our relationship was the same, I fell all back into it. We spent a magical weekend together. Then once we decided to talk, we broke up all over again. THEN I was all “we never tried we just gave up-let’s try!” I tried for a day & well then shit happened. (these are the basics remember!)

I introduce you to my new summer sneaks!

Oh hell no I’m not letting 45 dollar sneakers go to waste! This may be my best political/personal/fashion statement yet. No hard feelings – just a reminder of lessons learned.

I’d like to note that the moment I put down my sharpies & snapped a pic my single jam started on the radio. Signs signs all around.

(note: my whole vision was a picture of an old school funny tattoo that had multiple names like “Sue” “Rose” “Maria” scratched out & then “mom” or something. Are you with me here?)


The usual

2 Jul

I swear I could (& probably tend to) start every blog with either “holy shit my life is nuts” or “wow I suck at blogging”. Both are of course wonderfully true declarations but I gotta get with the damn program. I’d like to say “if only my life would slow down for .2 seconds” but honestly my life is really changing – in the best & craziest ways. I know I’m an acive participant but it honestly feels like i’m sitting back in the audience of a game show waiting for the moment when they might pick me out of the crowd to come play.

So much to share!!!

Picture once a day from now on? Manageable! Isaac & I are a stellar team!

My new tattoo is healing horribly so I’m putting of my big reveal a little while longer to anyone that isn’t my facebook friend.

My favorite thing to do is screencap favorite texts. I have hilarious friends tht make my life bright & sunny (so I hope they don’t mind) prepare to see a lot of these