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3 Jul

Things that are making me terribly happy these days

This wonderful source of inspiration:

Boys that make me snort:

Boys that say “sugar bee”:

This shirt I altered a few weeks ago:

Wearing my shirt to a house party & getting 4 compliments on it from people I didn’t know:

[Shirt – Thrifted & made pretty by moi; jeans – calvin klein thrifted; tank – rue21; shoes – General Dollar store; lipstick – MAC russian red]

Skyping with two of my favorite old friends:

[Matt is pictured – we used to makeout nonstop when I was 15 & he 17. 5 years later & he’s coming to visit me in august! Marky Parky is unpictured but still as adorable as he was at 17]

This “Batchel” by the cambridge satchel company:

I’ve wanted it forever. I had hopes of getting it personalized to say “tricks” as in “bag of tricks” but my mom didn’t follow. Would you get it if you saw me out with it? Maybe I should just do “Miss Cherie”?

My sneakers (yes, again!):

My new happy place/heaven “Charming Charlies”:

A store half the size of Sears FILLED to the BRIM with amazing accessories of every kind. I spent 2 hours just drooling & walking around. Props to my dear friend Jimmy for following me around & laughing at me.

They played Blondie AND Tom Petty during my visit. I mean, it’s obviously meant just for me.

Also, the most insane beach bag in history:

[I do love big bags!!]

My new Thought bubble app on my iphone:


What I think shows my weight loss accurately:

[Sadly I need to buy the app to get rid of that pesky ad 😦 ]

Spending the whole day at home in my awesometastic new hello kitty romper (an XL from the little girls section! score!!):

& this book:

[I saw the preview when I went to see Eclipse at midnight on Tuesday & it struck me in the craziest way. I knew I needed to read it & holy shit, I really did. It’s my therapy.]