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4 Jul


For work: Shirt – Fossil; Jeans – Calvin Klein thrifted; Heels – Rack room lol; Tank – Rue21; Hair bow – made by moi

After work I slipped on my jean skirt (F21) & sandals (payless) to head out to a new friends house party

The adorable hostess & I. Felt like this was the worst picture in the world when it was snapped. Bad side, sleepy, just arrived & alarmed by the serious drunkeness of all the attendees. Pleasantly surprised to find it flattering 🙂

my friend Thomas & I. Really love hanging with this new group of friends. They do whatever they want & no one cares. I mean a captain hat & a hawaiian shirt?! Hell yes! Later you’ll see a ski mask. Goodness everywhere.


dress – Gadzooks (back in the dayyy!); sneaks – converse made awesome by moi; headband – dollar store.

Headed to Chattanooga’s attempt at Atlanta’s “Fuck yes dance party” called “Banger’s Ball”. It’s a monthly gig where a bunch of DJs play & a bunch of kids jump around & get their picture taken. I really wanted to go when they started but it QUICKLY became a hipster/scene-y stomping ground that I had no interest in being amongst.

This night was the last of its kind. The party is “retiring” – at least I got to say I was a part of it at some point.

I rocked my sneaks. I admit I was a little apprehensive. you know, hanging out with a guy wearing my ex’s name on my shoes. Probably shows how little time has actually passed. Well they were a fucking HIT! hahaha. Definitely respected & appreciated.

& since I’m a pocket fanatic & had no interest of carrying my purse amidst rockers, I rocked some dukes under my dress

hahaha. gotta do what you gotta do to keep your phone & chapstick on you.

This is some of the group. No real idea whats going on but I enjoy it…

(I also have no idea who is in the bottom right corner… either I’m clueless or he’s a good photo crasher.)

(also, at this point of course I was dancing my ass off & clearly melting. shucks.)


Happy 4th of July!!

dress – goody’s; necklace – made by moi; wedges – Old Navy

I’m fairly certain I have rocked this outfit every 4th for the past 3 years. As an aspiring member of this cool girl style club I probably shouldn’t admit that, but whatevs.

This morning the mood struck & I whipped up this necklace from old college t-shirts. It’s not laying right in this pic, but I assure you, it’s lovely.

My mom & I went out for haircuts (Obviously, you can see that I never made it to mine lol!)

I scored this killer ring from my version of Hollie Golightly’s Tiffany’s, Charming Charlies.


Now for the maker of my weekend….

The most glorious pants in the world. Remember when I mused about J Crew’s “minnie” pant & my desire for 1) thin enough legs to pull them off & 2) the money to make it happen.

Well thank you NY&Co! $65 pants on sale for 7.99! 7.99!!!!!!!!!! sadly they only has ONE pair in my size (a SIX!!!!!! hollaaaa). I was completely planning to score at least 3 pairs. I guess my wallet appreciates the lack of stock…

Regret not buying that shirt now. Shucks.

Now I’m off to my friend’s place to watch a movie. I had 5 invites to different parties. Never fails, whenever I get more than one invite, I bail on everything. Social defect.


That’s right BJ

4 Jul