Orange you glad I’m keeping up?

5 Jul

I’ve been seeing a ton of orange EVERYWHERE. I used to refuse any clothing or accessory anywhere near the orange family. See, when I moved here to the great state of Tennessee I was smashed over the head with ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE. I remember actually asking someone if it was the “state color”. They laughed at me (of course) but then after they thought about  it, they agreed that, “yeah, actually it pretty much is.” Well transferring to UTC (University of Tenn at Chattanooga) I didn’t understand why everyone was wearing Knoxville’s team colors. Ok so Chattanooga REALLY sucks hard at football, but support the damn school you go to.

I suppose I’ve relaxed my activism since I graduated….

now it’s in every blog & magazine & I realized – well I wear it quite a bit now. Or at least I’ve been obsessed with my new necklace…

Dress – target; necklace – Walmart ($7!!!); shoes – target; headband – target dollar bin

Button up – Walmart (little boys); shoes – Walmart; Jeans – Calvin Klein thrifted; Belt – with F21 dress

Dress – Talbots thrifted; shoes – Bells Outlet (yearsssss ago!)

& I have to tell you, I’m gonna be wearing it with this outfit pretty soon.


One Response to “Orange you glad I’m keeping up?”


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