Show me the money honey!

8 Jul

  • Good day today! Boss was busy & not in my bubble for the entire day
  • Been wearing black white & yellow all week for a neat sort of personal challenge to document.
  • Got crazy good projects to do in my apt this weekend along with a few breaks for social interaction that I am more than a little excited about 🙂
  • Went to see The Last Song with my mama tonight at the dollar movie theater. Sooooo good! I try so hard to hate Miley Cyrus but I just can’t keep it up all the time. Even if she does have the worst voice & posture in the history of girl kind. Her hair makes everything better. Ohhhh I envy!
  • Anyway I’m clickclacking this via Isaac in bed. Just got home from boxed wine wednesday & I’m so tired! & actually I didn’t even drink any wine for fear of passing out in 5 minutes (but I’m still calling the fun by it’s given name. Just can’t help it. it’s too good not to)


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