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Black & yellow & white all over

9 Jul

I have been so excited for this post! I challenged myself a bit this week. I realized looking through some outfit photos I hadn’t posted that I have the habit of always adding a bit of red to my black & white ensembles. After the purchase of a new yellow belt I had my answer to spicing things up! Inspired in part by the Glamourai‘s double polka dot challenge a few months ago I wore black, white, & yellow ALL week…


Dress – Thrifted; Belt – kiosk in the mall ($3!!); Shoes – Target; Headband – Target ($1)


Cardigan – Target; Pants – NY&Co; Tank – Walmart; Shoes – Target; Belt – w/ vest from JC Penneys



Pants – Thrifted; Heels – Charlotte Russe; Belt & Tank – NY&Co; Headband – Dollar store.


I stayed consistent in my challenge even in the evening (minus Tuesday night!)

Wore this to see The Last Song with my mama. Then I switched into denim bermuda shorts for Boxed Wine Wednesday at Thomas’s place.

Tank – NY&Co; Flip flops – Old Navy; Skirt – F21; Belt – Mall kiosk; Scarf – Liberty of London for Target; Earrings –



Skirt – Thrifted; heels – Dollhouse via Ross; Belt – w/ dress from TJ Maxx; Cardigan – Walmart; Tank – Victorias Secret PINK; Headband – Target dollar bin


I changed this outfit a million ways before I just got frustrated & just rocked it this basic way. Haven’t worn a basic tee in foreverrr (obsessed with my Victoria’s Secret low-v soft ones) & it bothered me throughout the night.

I got over it with good company, a delicious chinese dinner, wine, & watching Loverboy (classic!)

Skirt – TJ Maxx; Shirt – Hanes; Shoes – target; belt – mall kiosk


Wore this today to piss my boss off & storm out of work at 1pm. Felt good. I’ll have to give you that story later. For now I have to subtract the blazer from this & get cute for a date I am SUPER excited about 😀

Dress – Old Navy; Shoes – Tj Maxx; Belt – w/ dress from TJ Maxx; Blazer – Walmart; Necklace – stolen from Twinsie

Highlights by Isaac

9 Jul

Gotta do what you gotta do!

I saw this shirt on a friends facebook. No idea where it’s from but I will obviously need it as soon as I begin procreating.

Postsecret makes me feel normal.

Love people who bring me bag loads of treats to work!
(I was also able to use them later to pay off my favorite coworker to do a slighly sketch favor : )

I’ve had two wonderful dates at Chattanoogas new & super awesome frozen yogurt house.
Thanks to flirting with the attendant the first go around (much to my dates irritation ; ) & then Two Punch Tuesday with my twinsie, I only need 3 punches until a free one! Hollaaaaa!