Black & yellow & white all over

9 Jul

I have been so excited for this post! I challenged myself a bit this week. I realized looking through some outfit photos I hadn’t posted that I have the habit of always adding a bit of red to my black & white ensembles. After the purchase of a new yellow belt I had my answer to spicing things up! Inspired in part by the Glamourai‘s double polka dot challenge a few months ago I wore black, white, & yellow ALL week…


Dress – Thrifted; Belt – kiosk in the mall ($3!!); Shoes – Target; Headband – Target ($1)


Cardigan – Target; Pants – NY&Co; Tank – Walmart; Shoes – Target; Belt – w/ vest from JC Penneys



Pants – Thrifted; Heels – Charlotte Russe; Belt & Tank – NY&Co; Headband – Dollar store.


I stayed consistent in my challenge even in the evening (minus Tuesday night!)

Wore this to see The Last Song with my mama. Then I switched into denim bermuda shorts for Boxed Wine Wednesday at Thomas’s place.

Tank – NY&Co; Flip flops – Old Navy; Skirt – F21; Belt – Mall kiosk; Scarf – Liberty of London for Target; Earrings –



Skirt – Thrifted; heels – Dollhouse via Ross; Belt – w/ dress from TJ Maxx; Cardigan – Walmart; Tank – Victorias Secret PINK; Headband – Target dollar bin


I changed this outfit a million ways before I just got frustrated & just rocked it this basic way. Haven’t worn a basic tee in foreverrr (obsessed with my Victoria’s Secret low-v soft ones) & it bothered me throughout the night.

I got over it with good company, a delicious chinese dinner, wine, & watching Loverboy (classic!)

Skirt – TJ Maxx; Shirt – Hanes; Shoes – target; belt – mall kiosk


Wore this today to piss my boss off & storm out of work at 1pm. Felt good. I’ll have to give you that story later. For now I have to subtract the blazer from this & get cute for a date I am SUPER excited about πŸ˜€

Dress – Old Navy; Shoes – Tj Maxx; Belt – w/ dress from TJ Maxx; Blazer – Walmart; Necklace – stolen from Twinsie

3 Responses to “Black & yellow & white all over”

  1. Jordie July 9, 2010 at 8:54 pm #

    I have never seen so much yellow in one outfit. I dont think I even own anything yellow haha why did your boss storm out? haha looking good! πŸ™‚

  2. Chelsea S. July 12, 2010 at 3:20 pm #

    okay this is the coolest roundup EVER! black white and yellow is the bomb combo, woman! you look fabulous. and have I ever told you how much I luuuuurve your hair? It looks particularly bombshell in these pics.


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    […] A LOOOOOONG term one. No week of black, white, & yellow… […]

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