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12 Jul

Such a good weekend! Busy busy bee I was!

Friday’s date was a let down. I think I built it up too much all week. Shucks. Sweet kid tho. (kid?! he’s 25. Why do I always do that?)

Saturday I woke up & headed to Coolidge park to meet a boy. (keeping this one under wraps).

We started off with a ride on the carousel & then took to playing in the huge water fountain. So refreshing both as a date & for the hot hot day it was 🙂

btw this is the PERFECT outfit for such activities.

Bathing suit – target; skirt – target; flips – old navy

After the water fun we got some yummy italian shaved ice & walked across the bridge to adventure downtown. There was a neat art fair going on near the aquarium that neither of us had ever seen done before. We stopped at a booth that does “coloring for stress relief”. Too much fun! We must have spent a half hour intently coloring our little squares

(mine is on the left with the fancy corners ; )

After a few hours of walkin & talkin I had to take off to use the free tickets I bitched my way to from seeing Eclipse, to see Toy Story in 3D with my friend Ethan.

This is also when I cut my bangs. Shame they look so bad in these pictures :/

dress – H&M; Jacket – Charlotte Russe; Shoes – Target; necklace – vintage

The movie was soooo good! I didn’t cry as I expected I would. Maybe it was the expectation that held the waterworks in. I kept thinking “when do I cry when do I cry? is this it? is this it now?” haha

After the movie I had to run off & head back to the boy I had all the downtown fun with earlier in the day. We had heard about the movie in the park happening that night & I have ALWAYS wanted to catch one! I’ve lived here for 4 years & have failed every single summer!

It was SOOOO worth it! I grabbed a blanket from home after Toy Story & filled up my trusty water bottle with some red wine. I also happened to have some throw pillows in my trunk (thanks grandma!), so we had quite the set up to see Night at the Museum.

We laid around after the movie until everyone had cleared out & the police gently told us to get the hell out. I had the bright idea to see if there was any rejected food at the concession stand & HELLO! Sweet girl gave us each a box of the yummiest pop corn. Noted plan for next time!

Took our popcorn on the road & to a flip cup tournament at his apt (I have never witnessed one of these! innnteresting!) I stayed up til 2am! Not a grandma that night bitches! 😛

Sunday I worked ALLLLL morning & most of the afternoon on my apartment. My mom was a doll & helped me so we made MAJOR progress. Looks like I have a whole new pad! Its still not totally finished… as badly as I want to show off the before & afters I have to wait until this weekend when I can knock out my dreamy little project that is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

No, I’m not exaggerating.

My friend Jon was came into town Sunday evening for a wedding & I got to be his date!

Dress – SJP for Steve & Barry’s; Shoes – Target; Clutch – target (dollar bin); necklace – Walmart (gift)

The wedding was a bust! but too much to even type about! I had fun though (all that matters to me!). We’ll count it up to research for how NOT to have my wedding.

We came back to my place & changed (unpictured), went for dinner at Chili’s & then to Jon’s friends’ house for kitten play time, fun, & drinks.

Didn’t last too long. My non-grandmaness of Saturday caught up to me. But I came home & my friend Thomas had the perfect timing to come over & deliver me those pretty daisies I showed you. Swoon.


this is simply what I wore… now I need a nap before more fun…

tank – NY&Co; Skirt – (that I wear too much!) TJ Maxx; Sandals – Shoe Carnival; Belt – NY&Co; Scarf – SE Salvage. haha

Daisy daisy give me your answer true

12 Jul

A darling boy brought me daisies (my favorite!) last night!

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the dating game?

They’re perched pleasantly on my desk today doing their best to keep me sane (if only I had the balls to quit!)