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Your life as a romantic comedy – Recasting your life

13 Jul

Stole this from Jordie because everything she seems to blog is awesome. This won’t be the last time 😉

Yourself a.k.a. the main character

Zooey Deschanel

The “mistake”

Alexander Skarsgard (but as Erik of course!)

The true love’s best friend

Seth Rogen

The rival

Nicole Scherzinger


Joan Cusack


I originally thought the name “Dan Aykroyd” I meant this guy

(John Goodman)

But then I realized those parents were Rebecca Bloomwood’s screen parents in Confessions of a shopaholic & as much as I feel the book was written about me, I’ll just go ahead & take the actual

Dan Aykroyd.


Maggie & Jake Gyllenhaal

(so what if I look like the stepsister!)

The best friend

Hilary Duff

The gay best friend

Christian “Fierce” Siriano

The pet

Bulldog named “Kitten”

The city