Always playing catch up

19 Jul

So much has happened in such little time! I’m too lazy to properly catch up. Here’s a lot of picture & a few words.



Skirt – Thrifted & shortened by moi; Belt – mall kiosk; Wedges –; shirt – Victoria’s Secret

Skirt – Thrifted; Shoes – Walmart; Shirt – Victoria’s Secret; Flower pin – no clue; hat – Target

Changed into this to go eat yummy Thai Food with my friend Ethan & then swing on some swings at the park! The hat was a ridiculous choice but I liked it.

I obviously can’t get over my black/white/yellow binge.

I discovered my adored Thai sticky rice with THAI CUSTARD. Interesting mix on things. It was super sweet.


This may seem morbid. This is what I wore to work & Anthony’s funeral. He would have loved the toughness of the belt & shoes.

Dress – Target; Wedges – Hot Topic; Belt – NY&Co

Ended up being a really fucking rough day. I went home to drink A LOT of wine. My friend Kalyn brought extra & my friend Thomas came over to hold my hair as a barfed. Classiness abounding!


I wore some classic jeans & a tee (aka hangover uniform) for both work & babysitting. Uneventful.


Got taken on a sweet old person date to Cracker Barrel. We were peak old when we ordered the same thing & rocked on the chairs playing checkers. But that was the plan all along.

We spiced it up by going to see Inception with a big group of people. Can I just say.. BEST MOVIE EVER. Someone is taking me to see it again tomorrow. hehe.

Dress – Walmart; Necklace – Charlotte Russe; Sandals – Walmart


I spent the morning & most of the afternoon constructing the most epic project you’ve ever seen. It deserves its own post I assure you!

Late afternoon I went to meet a cute boy at the new Vegan restaurant downtown. Yum yum yum. God I love that place! Great company too!

Tank – NY&Co; Sandals – Shoe Carnival; Skirt – Target

Bounced out of there & headed to babysit for a few hours before heading out with Thomas & some friends to see my friend’s husband headline at a DJ show. The turn out was beyond awful but those that did show provided what was possibly the best people watching ever.

added vest – Charlotte Russe & flower pin


Dress – Charlotte Russe (years ago); Flips – American Eagle; Vest – Charlotte Russe; Necklace – Walmart

Got some free tickets to see the Counting Crows in Atlanta.

Took my lovely & HILARIOUS friend Kalyn & had an insanely fun time.

Then we proceeded to have a dance party in Waffle House…

oh & somewhere along the way during the concert we found this creeeeepy ass teletubby looking thing & stole him 🙂

^my most favorite picture of Kalyn ever taken ever.

Threw the bag with my sweet new dress from Zara (first visit & oh wow I love that place!) on the table when I got home. I come back out & this is exactly how Teletubby is perched…. eek…


Behold! My new dress from Zara. Gahhh it’s love! Stripes, ruffles, butterflies, & POCKETS! It’s made for me.

Dress – Zara; Jacket – Walmart; Wedges – Old Navy; lipstick – MAC Russian Red


One Response to “Always playing catch up”

  1. Chris Renaud July 21, 2010 at 11:16 pm #

    Jazmyn, you are such an amazing girl and a very special friend to me. I love catching up with you on your blog but hate that we can’t talk on FB anymore…that makes me sad…but still I am so lucky that you are in my life with your amazing-ness qualities! I am so so proud of you and again forever grateful that you have my back!

    LOve ya TONS! C~

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